your evening cup of #handbag obsession

for a small fee, oh Idk, $750, you can proudly wear this gorGeous bag and be envy of your girlfriends!

I want one!




your #TGIF cup of #FASHION

totally having a shoe porn moment, aren’t ya!

enjoy the mild fall weekend days with the one you love and loves you back, remember, no fake love! see you on the other side of the weekend!


(via W magazine |Photo by Santiago & Mauricio)

pony up!

Two of my fave leading ladies rocking some serious pulled back hair’dos.

Zoe Saldana is crazy beautiful. I love her films and style. Here she sports a funky ponytail, and that dress, oh my!

Busy Phillips, she’s smart and funny and witty and I love everything she does. Let’s be clear, I will miss Cougar Town, but I will never miss seeing her. Don’t you just love those cat-eyes? ah, yes! Michelle Williams is very lucky to have a BFF like Busy.

three pieces of advice for women in the #workplace

I stumbled upon this article the other day and of course I must share. It’s what I do, so pass it on: reblog, repost, tweet. Article references:

1 – Sit at the table

“Women do not negotiate themselves in the workforce,” Sandberg says, explaining that, for example, only 7% of women negotiate their first salary. A few weeks ago, when she hosted a senior government official at Facebook’s headquarters, the two female assistants who accompanied the official refused to sit on the big table with the rest of the men, even after Sandberg encourage them to do so. “Women systematically underestimate their own abilities” and often attribute success to external factors (the help of others, chance). Men, on the contrary, constantly attribute their success to themselves.

2 – Make your partner your real partner

This one is well known by all: working women do twice the amount of housework than their partners, and three times the amount of childcare. This means that while men still only have one “big” job, women have three. “Who do you think drops out when someone needs to be home more?” Sanberg asks. Equal amount of housework and childcare is of key importance here, and as a society we need to encourage men to do both more often. “We’ve made more progress at the workplace than at home,”

3 – Don’t leave before you leave

I found this point to be her most interesting and original. It basically asks women to not anticipate having children and forming a family as forcefully and as quickly as they usually do, not only because it limits their choices before they even have to make a choice, but also because that sort of thinking gets them to start “leaning back,” often without them realizing.

“And if 2 years ago you didn’t take a promotion and some guy next to you did, and if three years ago you stopped looking for new opportunities, then guess what? You are going to be bored [at your present job], because you should’ve kept your foot on the gas pedal,” Sanberg explains. “Don’t leave before you leave. Keep your foot on the gas pedal.”

“I have 2 children, a 5 year-old son and a 2 year-old daughter,” Sheryl concludes. “I want my son to have a choice to contribute fully at the workforce or at home, and I want my daughter not only to succeed but to be liked for her accomplishments.”

Watch the presentation 


Any thoughts?

what is your favorite #fashion investment piece?

good morning, dreamL♥VERS! how the hell are ya, huh?! oh, how i’ve missed you, missed my creative outlet blog space…don’t worry: I’m not going away. i’ve just been super busy cleaning house and making beautiful memories offline with my lovely + amazing daughter, my soulmate.

you ever feel like no matter how many shoes, bags, wallets, clothes, accessories you have you just don’t have enough? well, i’m kinda feeling that way about wallets. yes, i have several, but i’ve been contemplating investing in another. recently i paid a visit to Michael Kors. Oh, Michael, you have all the girls going aflutter for you with your timeless, classic American designs, especially your Hamilton large totes. (i see them everywhere!)

handbags are essential, must-haves are satchel, clutch, crossbody bag, tote, and wallet, in my opinion.

i’d like to know what your favorite fashion investment piece, share, share–it’s caring after all.

xo, Glor

Mix Well. Madewell fall collection

saturday morning cup of #fashion #inspiration for your liking. get inspired. shop. hello, fall!