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Stuff I Collect

I collect movie, concert and play stubs as well as matches. I started collecting movie stubs back in 2004 when I lived in Miami. My friends and I went to the movies almost every weekend and on weekends when we didn’t go together, I would go alone. And so to keep track of all the movies I’ve seen I started collecting the stubs, which then grew into plays and concerts.

With matches, I started collecting when I was probably 20-years old when I traveled to Dallas, TX. I went to a local bar with co-workers and I’d noticed the bar had their name and contact info on the matchbox. I really wanted something I could take with me to help me remember the bar, so I grabbed one. Ever since then I make sure to grab a matchbox from a bar or restaurant from whatever city I find myself in. I have matchboxes from TX, FL, NY, Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, DC, Virginia, Wisconsin, and California.

What do you collect?



Turquoise Talk: An Interview With Designer Cat Horn

Last week I received an email notification from Twitter saying that a ‘@Katire1’ was now following me on Twitter. I am always interested in connecting with different people online via Twitter, and I found her profile, especially her bio line, which read, “Costume designer for this play we call life. Accessories and apparel design”, intriguing and so I clicked through her website link to learn more about her and her designs.

I was even more intrigued after seeing her jewelry designs and sketches on her website. I was so excited I had to have a chat with her to learn more about her designs and inspirations. Thanks to technology, we connected via Google Chat. I thought you would love her pieces too so I wanted to share a transcript of our chat with fans. Feel free to share your comments at the bottom. So, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. I really appreciate you taking the time—I know you are very busy. As I said in our email exchange, I am excited to chat with you about your work, which I love by the way!

Cat Horn: It’s not a problem, I’m flattered you wanted to write about my designs…thanks, I’m glad you like them. I am working on all new stuff for spring so I am always updating. So tell me, who is your inspiration?

CH: I am inspired by free spirited type of woman.  I cannot think of anyone in particular since it’s more the feeling I go with.  I love gypsy lifestyle, flapper. In general, [I design for] the type of woman who is individualistic, self confident and above all playful. Wow, that is great because your pieces are great…why accessories and apparel, and which do you enjoy designing the most, if you had to choose?

CH: I think accessories; I love to design clothes as well.  I have a degree in fashion design and worked in the industry for a while as a costume designer, which I loved.  But the way I dress myself is I choose very simple clothing and dress it up with a lot of accessories.  I really like how a simple outfit can be taken to another level with the right accessories and can give it real character. I always have on about five or six bracelets, a necklace, tons of rings and my hair done up some way or another but I am always wearing just a tee shirt and jeans. I can definitely tell that you love accessories, and you are right it does make a difference in the entire ensemble.

CH: Definitely… What was it like being a costume designer and where did you do it, locally in Philadelphia or NYC?

CH: I live in Philly, but I actually did Costume design in Pittsburgh, where I grew up.  I wanted to study fashion design to become a costume designer.  I worked on costumes for the Washington DC Opera and a History Channel movie called “Desperate Crossings”.  It was a blast.  I love historical dress, and it is really what inspires a lot of my work.  I hope to go back and do it again some day. So it sounds like you started out in costume design, how did you branch out into jewelry?

CH: I have been making jewelry since I was about 10.  I took a 3-week trip across country with my family that summer and I fell in love with Native American bead weaving and the colors and patterns they used.  When we got back, my parents bought me my first beading loom and I was hooked.  I taught myself how to bead weave, then macramé and eventually wirework. It had always been a hobby but one day a friend of mine told me I should sell my stuff on Etsy, and it just kind turned into a career path. your friend was right –you are talented! And Etsy is a great outlet for selling your handcrafted goods!

CH: I love Etsy; it is such a great community to be a part of. I can never say enough good things about it.  I know a few of my other designer friends got their start there as well. who do you design for—what age group?

CH: My target customer is 18-39-year-old woman; she is an Indie-type girl, or guy since I’m trying to design a few things for men as well. Cool, so tell us about your accessories / apparel pieces. What are your top five pieces, and why they are your favs?

CH: my number one favorite is my Fools Gold Silk Friendship bracelet, and in a close second, the Silver and Silk Friendship bracelet.  They were really the first thing I designed for the Etsy shop.  They were based on a song I learned as a Girl Scout that goes “make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other’s gold.”  I think it is such a sweet, but not cheesy, way of showing you friendship. no, it is not cheesy at all. That is actually fascinating.

CH: …next, I love my brand new ear cuffs; I just put them up in the shop now. I always loved the look of having multiple ear piercing but was too scared to get more than the one I have. And, unlike wearing big heavy chandelier earrings that tug at your piercings, these are really lightweight and [they] don’t hurt to wear for a long time. Plus, I really love asymmetrical earrings. oh, yes, I saw those in your Flickr style group. I absolutely LOVE the leather cuff bracelet—the turquoise was a great color choice.

CH:  I was actually just going to say that my other two favorites are the Leather Cuff bracelets and the Chainmaille. The turquoise is awesome; it is a major player in my spring designs.  I think it is going back to my first inspiration with Native American jewelry that is probably why I like them so much. Yeah, it is really beautiful. You have great pieces in your collection and I can see your inspiration in each one.

CH: Yeah right now I am really inspired by Tribal cultures, art history, and geology. knowing that now, it makes sense and I can definitely see your inspirations in your accessories—really nice work, Cat

CH: Thanks! So tell me, who is you favorite jewelry designer?

CH: I think that is a tie between Digby and Iona and Erica Weiner.  Digby and Iona have a lot of really cool ornate casted pieces that are very whimsical.  I have a ring from them that is a roaring lions head on the body of a sea serpent type creature that wraps around the finer and I wear it all the time.  The thing I love about Erica Wiener’s work is that she uses a lot of vintage items and I think she is really inspired by history of costume as well.  She made my other favorite ring, which is a rough-cut crystal solitaire; very simple but gorgeous. A tie? Well, that is great that you love their pieces. So do you think your design style is more like Wiener’s?

CH: I think so, that is probably why I love her pieces.  Actually, I think her ring was the first thing I ever got from Etsy.

Quick Questions –seeing that Cat was so inspired by others’ works, I had to learn about her personal style. What is the ONE piece of clothing or accessory you cannot live without?

CH: Hmmm, tough one…there are so many pieces I wear almost every day… I think though [that] I would be lost without my Fender Watch.  I have worn a watch every day of my life, and I feel naked without it. And this watch in particular is awesome because it is big and chunky but very sleek…like the guitars it is designed after. Nice… that is great answer. I have a watch I got as gift and it definitely feels weird when I do not have it on…so we know we find and buy your pieces on Etsy, where else can we find your jewelry?

CH: Right now, I only sell in one other place, Beadworks here in Philly.  I hope to expand more into small boutiques in the coming year.

Horn’s top five pieces from her line:

  1. Fools Gold Silk Friendship bracelet

  2. Silver and Silk Friendship bracelet

  3. Ear cuffs

  4. leather cuff bracelets, and

  5. Cooper Chainmaille That’s so great—I hope you can expand because people would love your pieces. What’s next for you, you mentioned Spring collection –talk about that a little bit. What can we expect?

CH: Well, the collection is inspired by tribal culture, art history, and geology.  I plan to add a lot macramé and Chainmaille pieces.  The stones I am using will be several different types of Turquoise, Crystal, Agate and Jade, and Pyrite, and maybe a bit of Lava rock.  I am planning to use a lot of wood and shell, too. I am also looking for vintage pieces to use as well, like, clock keys and religious metals. Do you have any accessory advice or styling tips you could share with our readers? If we invest in one thing this season, what should it be?

CH: A big trend I am seeing is wrap bracelets.  I think specifically ones that can double as a necklace.  I love them because you pretty much get two-for-one. I’ve been calling them convertibles! HAHA. Nice that sounds innovative and smart!

CH: Yup, also really long necklaces can sometimes work the same way if they have a clasp. I know you are on Twitter, Etsy, and Flickr, where else can people find and connect with you?

CH: Well, people can connect with me on my Facebook page and I have a blog called Cat’s Cradle. well, THANK YOU again so much for taking the time to chat with me.

CH: Anytime, it was a pleasure.


Cat Horn is an Accessories & Apparel Designer bases in Philadelphia. She has been working in the fashion / design industry for many years. To see the entire collection of Cat Horn’s jewelry, you may visit her Flickr photostream. Follow Cat on Twitter (@Katire1), and become a fan on Facebook. To purchase some of her cool jewelry pieces and accessories, visit her Etsy store.

I would love to hear from you so please share your comments and thoughts below. Thanks for reading and come again. (Thanks, Cat!)


My Favorite Holiday Drinks

Christmas decorations, carols, snow are all indications that the holidays are upon us. What’s especially jolly about the most joyous season is libations.

That being said, …

Champagne Moet Chandon

My favorite holiday beverages are Moet Champagne; an excellent bottle of Pinot Noir, say Blackstone or Coppola; and believe it or not seltzer water with Oceanspray Cranberry juice cocktail.

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What Is Your Life Motto

My life motto is to LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH.


Live in the moment. Live in the now. What I like most about 1/3 of my motto is that I live my life with integrity, loyalty to my friends, and I’m always myself…


Things I love: I love my super mutt, my job, my boyfriend, our apartment, my family, wine, books, traveling, music, movies, laughter, etc…


I love laughing. My laugh is so loud I swear I’d laugh at anything, including myself. Laughter releases stress and makes everything OK.

And that’s why my life motto is to


Just a Little Harmless (Non) Venting

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Hmm…good question! Fortunately, I don’t have anything that’s driving me nuts right now. Like most people, I’m dealing with the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season while trying to avoid any holiday stress.

Work is keeping me very busy though — web services requests and project development; working with multiple vendors, and training to become a Salesforce Administrator –all of which are exciting, of course!

Although if you asked me this question two weeks ago, I would have a different answer, but that was then and today’s a new day. LOL!

What’s driving you nuts?


My Top 10 Karaoke Songs

In no particular order, below is a list of my top 10 Karaoke songs.

  1. Kings of Leon – Cold Desert (better yet all the songs from the albums: ‘Only_By_The_Night’ and ‘Because Of The Times’. Frankly I’ll do any KoL song!)
  2. Counting Crows – My Jones
  3. Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason
  4. Usher – Nice and Slow
  5. Taylor Swift – You Belong to Me
  6. Shania Twain – From This Moment (Or, I Feel Like A Woman)
  7. Lady Gaga – Paparrazzi
  8. Foo Fighters – Best of You (Or, My Hero)
  9. Maroon 5 – If I Never See Your Face Again (ft. Rihanna)
  10. Jay Z – Empire State of Mind (ft. Alicia Keys)

What is your all-time karaoke song(s), do you need liquid courage to perform? Share your comments and weigh in on my list.


My 5 (6) Best Qualities

Choosing qualities that best describes you is not as easy as one would think. It’s important that you pick qualities that encompasses the true you from the inside out and most important be genuine about your reasons for choosing those qualities. Well, today–thanks to Plinky–I have chosen six that I think best describe me. I had more time I’d certainly list more qualities, but this is for now. What are your best qualities and why, would your family and friends agree?

I am extremely loyal to my friends and family. Once you’re a friend, you’re a friend for life!

Sense of Humor
Not only do I have a great sense of humor, but I can laugh at myself too. I laugh-out-loud at anything, well, except people in pain or people being made fun of. I just don’t like jackass kind of humor, I like the pure unadulterated laughter that just makes you cry, stomach muscles and head aches–that’s my kind of humor. I’m laughing as I type this because I can remember lines from movies like ‘Due Date’ that’s just LOL funny!

Sense of Self
Thanks to my parents, my mom particularly for showing me how to have self-confidence and self-esteem at such a young age. Get this everyone thinks they have to get dressed up, have long extensions and be skinny just to be sexy. Well that’s not me, see me I feel my sexiest when I wake up in the morning–bad breath and all–I love touching my face and tossing my hair around without worrying about my boyfriend seeing me as less attractive. In fact, he loves my hair wild and crazy in the morning.

As a child, one of the best messages I heard time and time again was/is ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’. I often tell people that I don’t know how to lie, it’s true I really don’t. Take for instance, while working in as a cocktail server in South Beach a few years back, I showed up to work late one morning and the manager asked me why I was late, to which I replied “well, I had to stop for some Jamba Juice”. She looked at me, laughed and said “Glory, why couldn’t you just say your car broke down, you woke up late…something instead of you had to stop for a smoothie”. To which I replied, “well I just don’t know how to lie…I’m sorry”.

Being able to Cook
I cook delicious, healthy meals that make you want to love me forever! I love to cook, especially 30-minute meals (thanks to Rachel Ray). I watched her on Food Network as a kid and I’ve always loved the way she makes healthy and delicious meals so effortlessly and with so much fun. By cooking my own meals, I can have a sustainable, healthy diet that is manageable and fits into my very busy schedule.

Ok, I know the question begs for five qualities but what-the-heck, right?! I love to love, I love giving love, receiving love through caring for other people, being empathetic towards them and whatever situation they may face. With loves comes compassion and I just relish in making sure that others are as happy and loved as I am. Love is the #1 cure of any physical and emotional illness in my opinion.