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hello, October, welcome!


I can’t believe it’s October already, can you?! It seems this year flew by like (snap your fingers) that! So much can and has happened in a year.


My daughter picked out this beautiful California grown bunches of fall flowers.  I love all the fall colors w/a dash of sunflower. I really love fresh flowers in my home!


LOOK! at all those colors! Amazing, right!?


Hello Sunshine!


Mini yellow roses…


Look at the hybrid of this yellow + red piece of sunshine!


Soooooooooooooo…how was your weekend? Do anything interesting and fun? I had a fantastic weekend, as always! I mean, what’s not to love about spending time with ones who love you unconditionally–my daughter + her BFF, Jolie! They love each other and play together constantly. Gosh, I love my kids!

Make a great one, loves, here’s to a great week!


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Afternoon cup of décor #inspiration: living room

Hello, my beautiful dreamlovers! I hope you’re all doing well! Unofficially it is the end of summer, but we still have a couple of weeks to enjoy some nice weather. I hope you all take advantage of it.

Every season like clockwork, I try to rearrange furniture in my home. Now, I have to admit, I’m not as bad at home as I am at the office–rearranging furniture that is. My last job, I had a nice office all to myself next to the CEO’s, and I swear in the nearly three years I was there, I moved my desk / furniture around like 30 times, like seriously not kidding. Even at my current job, I’ve moved my desk around at least five times in the last year, I know it’s a sickness…like I said, this carries over to home too, although I don’t do it as frequently anymore. I will blame my love for interior décor (I was almost went to school to study interior design, but PR passion was much stronger than décor).

This time I’m pinning inspirations for what I’d love to do to my living room to change things around this fall. Now, with baby Arianna, I have to be careful about the choices I make for safety reasons, of course. But also, I’m not kidding the living room is literally like a daycare with lots of TOYS scattered around the place. So my plan is to add adult touches with decorative pieces, wall arts, etc. and letting her have the floor, literally!

So here are some living room spaces I’m loving.

My living room is not this massive, I wish, but do have hardwood floors. I love that it’s a large room but there are multiple uses sectioned out in the space that makes great use of the room. My living room is not separated from the dinning room so I’ve to use furniture to separate the space. And they do that well here, love.

This room is the true definition of bright and airy. What I love about the space, coffee table + storage unit, rug, the stripped throw pillows, drapes.

Great use of wallpaper as a huge wall art. I have a huge wall behind the sofa and I want to do something like this! So cool!

I have so many framed pictures sitting in a little nook and I’ve been wanted to create a collage wall of photos with all of my photos hung up in a random yet organized way. I can’t wait to do this.

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about the perfect wall art, photos, maybe even a custom made canvas art to hang over my bed. This picture has single handedly replaces all those ideas. I can’t want to print pictures of my beautiful Arianna to put up. Absolutely gorgeous!

Another photo wall I loved and can’t wait to create in the living room! I love the painted floors, too, and it’s white! It’s my new neutral color of choice for the home. It’s very classic + timeless + clean.

I want drapes in the living room. I love the color + pattern contrasts in this room.

Yes, you can definitely have white furniture when you have kids in the home. And this contemporary modern home is a testament to that notion. I love this room. My living room is very similar to this layout. We have the kitchen + bar that shares the space with dinning and living room. It makes for great entertaining when you’re in the kitchen cooking and you can still have conversations with your guests in the living room.

This is probably one of my favorite inspiration room because of the floral sofa. I mean, it is absolutely gorgeous. I have these microfiber suede + leather sofa and love seat  that I used to love, but I hate the dark chocolate brown. It makes the room a little too dark for my liking. This room has definitely inspired me to replace the covers with some vibrant patterns and colors.

Please let me know what you think, or share your design ideas or fave blogs with design ideas. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks, loves! xo


Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration: Bonus Room Decor Inspiration


I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I did! It was filled with family, food, frozen yogurt, and fun! The weather was beautiful. Labor Day is right around the corner and it unofficially marks the end of summer even though summer is not over until the end of September so I know we are all trying to take advantage of this great weather and the time off.

One of my never ending projects is decorating our townhouse. My husband and I have purchased it almost three years ago and I am still working on fully decorating it, room by room. The first and second level are as complete as they are going to be for the time being. When it comes to the third level, where the bedrooms are located, I am at a standstill. They look the same as when we moved in, except for the furniture we placed in each. It is frustrating to say the least!

I started on my master bedroom at the end of last year by finally deciding on bed linens (I bought five/six different comforters). Little by little a few things have managed to get hung on the walls but it is in no way where I want it to be.

Occasionally I work from home and as I find myself doing it more and more I am feeling the much needed pressure to complete the decoration of my space. I have a bonus room in my master bedroom that could be used as a sitting room or home office. I decided to combine the two and make a sitting room/home office.  As usual I am stuck. I have too many ideas in my head and not enough execution.  I love watching HGTV so I decided to visit their website for inspiration. What do you think?

I love the warm colors of this space. They combined a sitting area, a desk, and storage, just what I need!

I like the subtle use of animal prints in this room. They were able to fit a desk, small couch, and table in this space.

I love this use of white and the glass top desk was perfect so maximize the use of this small space.

Although I don’t like all of the TVs and monitors in this space, I love the bookshelf for storage and the earth tones.

Where do you find inspiration when decorating your space? What would you say is your decorating style? I would love to hear about how you transformed your space.



My New Obsession: #KateSpade Tabletop + Decor Collection

When you think Kate Spade, you probably think structured handbags, fitted trench coats, and elegant shoes, right?! Well, think about a collection of well-crafted of fine porcelain, illustrated demitasse cups, garden party collections + sets, platinum and black accent flatware, cool handcrafted mugs, and glassware. Kate Spade’s Tabletop + Decor collection is a must-see if you’re a collector of all things beautiful, like me.

I mean, I love handbags, but I think I’ve found another side of KS to feed my home decor obsession.

woodland park elephant bank

Japanese floral creamer

wickford mug

illustrated teapot

gardner street rose bowl

four-piece place setting

illustrated demitasse cups


Spotlight on Le Zoe Scribbles via BloggersMag™

Hey, dreamlovers!
Checkout for new spotlight + feature on Le Zoe Scribbles by Kelli. Here’s a preview…

Current Obsession: Artwork by Le Zoe Scribbles

Personalized prints and artworks add a personal touch to any room, especially cozy nurseries. But why wait for a new baby or kitchen redesign to hang up one-of-a-kind personalized artworks.

Thanks to Kellie’s ingenuity and creativity behind Le Zoe Scribbles, you do not have to wait.

Read more –> Current Obsession: Artwork by Le Zoe Scribbles.

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Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration, #DIY: flower pens




Hello lovelies! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! I love Sundays, it’s my favorite weekend day. I love doing absolutely nothing but lounge in bed with my family watching movies, listening to music, talking and most importantly, LAUGHING. Baby brings internal joy and endless laughter to a home. And recently I’ve learned that love, well, love keeps a family together. So enjoy your family + friends and cherish those moments like there’s no tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, I made these cute flower pens. Now, as some of you may know (if you’ve been reading the blog), do-it-yourself projects are not really my thing. But when I see simple, easy to do DIY solutions to everyday life challenges, I want to try them. So when I saw the cute pen holder at Micheal’s frames dept, I thought why not try it! Don’t get the wrong idea, no one is stealing our pens, I just thought it was a nifty idea especially since our pen holders were the basic mesh black ones.

What you will need: Pliers, Faux flower of your choice, Tape

Step 1: hold flower next to pens

Step 2: wrap tape tightly around pen + flower from top to bottom

Step 3: place in cute vase or glass holder (as shown)

You can make a bunch for your office to help brighten up your cube. Or, you can totally gift it to a girlfriend as a baby shower gift, or as a housewarming present, even perfect if you’re a teacher…the possibilities are endless!

Happy DIYing!


Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration: J’aime Paris!


I love keepsake storage boxes. In fact, I love any type of storage bins + boxes in different sizes, shapes and designs. My obsession with storage boxes went up a few notches when I became mommy because I wanted to find one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes for preserving priceless tangible memories.

I found these boxes are Marshall’s when I was still pregnant and I knew immediate what I’d use them for. They’re in Arianna’s walk-in closet and they hold her baby clothes (the one she wore home from the hospital), onesies, cute little socks + hats, etc.




With the small box, I thought I’d use it to store all of her greeting cards from the baby shower, and any she gets along the way. Her first birthday invitation, including all of the bands with our names and her date of birth from the hospital. Including money gifted to her from her grandma and friends of mine.





These boxes are her very own personal ‘treasure chests’ full of many priceless memories + love that she’ll get to look through when she gets older.

Till next time Lovelies, xoGlor