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October is breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness is one initiative that is close to my heart. After working for a health organization for nearly three years and doing my part to help improve the health of Americans suffering from chronic diseases and illnesses, I’m definitely more acute to the importance of finding cures for these diseases.

Awareness should be year-round, in my opinion, but I’m glad the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. And in today’s post, I want to share with you why you should do your monthly breast exam, share some facts about breast cancer and provide you with a list of great organization that work tirelessly to find a cure for this horrible disease while education the general public year-round.

Monthly Breast Exam

Why should you do a monthly breast exam? Well, because it could SAVE your life! Early detection is the first step to becoming a survivor. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), “Most doctors feel that early detection tests for breast cancer save thousands of lives each year, and that many more lives could be saved”. Learn more about early detection, courtesy of ACS.

Breast Cancer Resources

American Cancer Society has a great PDF resource document that covers everything on breast cancer, and I mean everything! Get answers to everything from diet and exercise, mammograms, self-breast exams, to lifestyle-related risk factors for breast cancer. [Download the PDF Now!]

Additional Resources

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) has a complete list of great organizations that are working to fight cancer while educating women (and let’s face it) and men about breast cancer and other cancers. Click here to view the complete list.

Btw, kudos to the White House (or should I say Pink House) for participating in raising awareness for breast cancer awareness month.

So dreamlovers, pass on this post–email, tweet, re-post, re-blog it so all your girlfriends remember to do a self-breast exam. It could save their lives! Thanks!


I’ve been on the hunt for a great camera and I’m in LOVE w/ this very luxe Hermes camera.

I  everything about the photo: I love the hair, love the outfit, or very little of, love stacked bracelets, belt!

Givenchy! I love the contrast of the bright green against the black. The bag looks sturdy, chic, stylist and uber sexy. I want one, stat!

Get ready for summer with these great rainbow spectrum of Celine bags. I’ll take them all please, thanks!

Speaking of summer, this bathing suit is the perfect color + style. Absolutely gorgeous!

This refreshing key lime pie mojito is a perfect summer heat-quenching drink that’s sure to hit the spot. (Get the recipe). {thank you daydreamerdesserts!}

White is such a clean neutral color to paint a space. This photo makes me what to paint my kitchen white and switch out my stainless steel appliances for white ones. {sigh, I can only dream I guess}

Ok, is this a SMART idea or what? Super inspired!  it!

This makes me happy just looking at it.

This dress makes me happier!

…so does this yellow crochet mini dress

…and, this vintage Valentino (circa 1980)

Happy weekend,  Dream lovers!


go lean

Eat breakfast every morning. Why? Because according to Harvard Medical School:

Studies show that people who eat breakfast are thinner than those who don’t, and if you opt for fiber rich cereals, you’ll also help protect your heart.

High-fiber cereals are essential to breakfast’s health benefits and can help you reduce the risk of

  • heart disease,
  • stroke, diabetes, and
  • even intestinal polyps and colon cancer

The experts suggests you look for breakfast cereals that provide at “least 6 grams of fiber per serving, but make sure your choice is low in sugar (less than 10 grams per serving).” Make it a power breakfast by simply adding nonfat milk and bananas, berries, or apple slices to create an even more tasty meal.

I’m a simple gal, I like original flavor cereal, little or no added sugar and lot of whole grains + fiber. My choice is either Kashi or most recently delicious FiberOne Honey Nut Cluster.

What’s your all time favorite breakfast food?


Napping [Infographic]

What type of napper are you?

(source: Daily Infographic)

How To Keeping Good Posture at Work [Infographic]

I saw this infographic this morning and I TOTALLY relate because I have to constantly remind myself to sit up straight at work. I think I’ll print + pin this up on my wall to remind me to keep good posture at work!

Good Eats From @PretUSA, For Goodness Sake #fgs

I took a short stroll with my work BFF, Jacq (her name is Jacqueline but I call her Jacq–love her name) to Union Station for lunch. To be honest I’d never heard of Pret A Manger until today. When it comes to food, I’m one of those “I stick w/what I know” kinda gal. (Hey, studies have shown people maintain a healthy weight by eating the same thing over and over).

PRET is known for its handmade, natural foods–salads, sandwiches. They avoid obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives. Check out their summer menu. They’re in Hong Kong, France, UK and USA. I went to their website and they have these cool facts about food and ‘feel good facts‘ that I love, like this one…

Don’t eat things you need to Google

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