dreamL♥VEbelieve is about…well, life inspirations. I find inspirations in the simplest things in life, and those inspirations run through me 24/7. Here, I will share my life inspirations–morning and afternoon, including of course, one of my true loves, fashion + style.

thanks for stopping by, xo G



14 thoughts on “about

      1. Dana Cristina

        Glor!!!! You deserve it babe, love you right back! So happy we ‘met through blogging’:) You are such an amazing friend, supportive, inspirational, funny, cool, Leo!! 🙂 Trust me, I am the one to thank you for making me get out there, through your idea of guest posts, and staying in touch. Keep your cool posts coming!!! Lots of love XO Dana

  1. Hera Nyx

    Hey Glor,
    I look forward to building with you. You have a beautiful family and I can see the excitement you have for blogging, family, fashion…just life in general. I’m new to your blog so it’s time for me to explore 🙂

    Much Love!


    1. Glor

      Hello Hera! Welcome to my little space on the very vast internet spectrum! I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting. Thank you for your kind words about my family. I’ve been so blessed and just so happy to be a great head space. Looking forward to checking out your blog and building together as well!

      Btw, I love your name! 😀



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