Does love exist without respect? Moving on after infidelity

I want to say,… I know it doesn’t. If you respect, you’ll love unconditionally without so much as a thought of hurting the one you love. If you respect the one you love then love will be abundant, uninterrupted by meaningless distractions of any kind. Loving the person you’re with means respecting them, upholding their honor, and not allowing anyone to talk shit about that person or hurt the person in anyway.

I struggled with whether or not to share very personal details about my life with the readers of my blog. Friends who know me, I mean really know me, know that I’m extremely private about my life. I’m one of those people who, if/when I call you, you know I absolutely need you. So when I told my close friends + family what I’m about to share with you, they were speechless.

LOL, sometimes, I feel when things happen to me it happens as though it’s written for the movies—good or bad. Which is the reason why, I feel, when I have good things happen to me, it happens in an epic way, like the birth of my daughter for example. Conversely, when bad things happen to me, like what I will share with you, it too, happens in an epic way, too.

There are so many emotions going through my mind as I write this. My first instinct is to not disclose my personal issues on such a public platform. However, I have taken solace in reading shared experiences by others who have been in the situation I find myself. The world in which we live in today is one that’s so compounded by so many things that could, if not strong enough, break a human soul.

Thankfully, I’m not so easily broken.

Thankfully, my parents raised me to not be so easily broken, especially my mom who taught me the fundamentals of being a strong, upstanding individual with a strong sense of right and wrong, and the ability to know what I want and need for myself to survive as an individual and what I need / want from someone else. The payoff of those early moral seeds my mom planted in me at such an early age has made me a very well-rounded, extremely emotionally intelligent and independent, self-respecting, loving + caring and loyal individual with a great sense of pride in the things I’ve accomplished in my short 32 years on this amazing planet. A person who loves and respect.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for some people especially the person I’d been exclusively dating and living with for nearly three years, or I thought I was. Recently, I found out my boyfriend, the man I share my daughter with has been having a yearlong affair with a woman from work. Now, I’m not going to go into details, but I can tell you the details are so juicy that I’m writing a book about my experience.

At this point, I have moved on to a better life with my amazing daughter. I mostly decided to share this because I feel as though if I didn’t it would mean that I was ashamed about what happened to me. The only thing I did wrong was love a man that didn’t respect me enough to love me back. Or love me enough to respect me.

 I’m not ashamed because I didn’t do anything wrong.

Today, as I share this, I have a profound sense of closure and hope in the future with my daughter. Life from this moment forward is going to be much, much sweeter because I know that I have made my family and most importantly my daughter proud because I live my life with uttermost integrity and self-respect. I have a solid center and a strong moral compass that is not easily swayed.

How am I coping? Well, you know, like I said when you have that rock-solid foundation that parents instill in their kids at such a young age, you can pretty much can handle anything life and idiotic people throw at you.

The most important thing is that I now have the privilege of passing on those same core values that my mom taught me to my own daughter so that when she’s old enough to make a decision, hopefully not one having to deal with a situation like this, irrespective of how difficult it is or how many factors are involved, she’ll be emotionally intelligent and strong enough to make a firm decision without any wavering thoughts. And that’s exactly how am handling it—keeping my eye on the ultimate prize, aka, Arianna. I have the most important thing anyone could ever wish for, a daughter that will grow up to be a woman and a mother. I am so truly blessed to be raising a daughter who will have the same core values and morals I have, thanks to my mom.

Thanks to my family + friends for all your support. And thanks for reading my story.I love you.



9 thoughts on “Does love exist without respect? Moving on after infidelity

  1. Cathy

    Glor, you are an amazing woman. Your inner strength emanates from every word you’ve written. Arianna will no doubt grow up to be just as amazing as her mom.

  2. Dana Cristina

    Glor! I am speachless. So sad u had to go through this… but so glad to see you are well and what’s most imp you have what it takes and so much more to get over this. There are no bad experiences only good lessons that make us stronger and shape us into powefull fabulous, smart and beautiful women. You have an immense heart and strong background and most imp… you have a treasure by your side, Arianna who will grow every day into an even greater treasure and human being. I find all you said so inspiring and though sad in itself (the experience) your voice is strong and bold and you are an amazing woman!!! Keep your head high girl (as I know you always do) smile that fantastic smile (cheekbones:) and love and respect will come by!!! Love you so much Glor!!! xoxoxox

  3. Glor

    Aw, thank you Dana! I appreciate your love and support + position energy. I love you Dana, I have my mom and family and friends like you to help me through. thank you for reaching out, it means a lot to me. i love you too! xoxo

  4. Dana Cristina

    am so happy that while I was reading you I realized how strong you are Glor!!! You are so inspiring. Proud. Brave. With all these traits, and backgroud and your precious little girl … the sky is the limit to what you can do, feel and experience. You just made room in your life for the best to come and get settled in. I got your back, I so understand you, and salute your strength and bravery:) You’re the best glor!!! Love you so much girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

    1. Glor

      Thank you my love! I am incredibly humbled by all the supportive emails I’ve received from you and lots of women and men. It’s sick that someone that was supposed to love and protect you would hurt you so horribly. And it’s even more sickening that a woman, well, someone who thinks she’s a woman would get involved with someone whom she knew was involved with another woman with a five day old baby. it’s like how can you look yourself in the mirror?! I just want to focus on the most important person in my life and that is ARIANNA not some useless excuse for human beings that are OK with breaking up a young family all for the sake of engaging in lustful things. That’s why there’s HELL, exactly for people like that. Useless pieces of garbage.

      1. Dana Cristina

        keep your faith & strength Glor and nothing can bring you down. You are an inspiration to millions of other women who go through what you did, but don’t have the courage or strength to pull away! And yep… there comes a day when everyone will have to confront themselves for what they have done. luv u glor!!! xxx

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