Your Morning Cup of #Inspiration

morning cup of inspiration

Today you get not one, but two shots of inspiration today J! In the morning is really when my creative juices kick in so I try to capture my thoughts.

I didn’t really do much this past weekend; I tried a DIY project that I’d wanted to do (post coming soon). Oh, I did make an amazingly delicious seafood medley dish that I’m working on the recipe so I can share w/you. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever cooked. Sometimes when I cook, it’s either often inspired by other meals I’ve had in the past at a restaurant or perhaps seen on TV or magazines. But, most of the time, which is how I like it, I just like to throw ingredients together and see how they like each other. If they do, the flavors will be amazing, like the seafood medley, if they don’t well, I just won’t tell you about it.

What’s your favorite (favorite) recipe to make?

I mostly like anything with lots of veggies and under 30 minutes to make.



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