Black + White #Friday






hello, dreamlovers!

are you ready for a wonderful weekend, do you have any plans? i’m not sure what i’ll be doing…yet. but whatever i end up doing i’m sure it will involve spending time with my loves.

i stopped in to Marshall’s earlier this week and found this Christopher Kon bag. at first i passed on it because it was not “BIG” enough for my lifestyle. but when i couldn’t get the bag out of my mind, i went back and got it! that ever happen to you before–you see something you like, talk yourself out of getting it, then of course, you can’t stop thinking about it. if you’re lucky it will still be there when you return to the store.

it’s very Chanel-esque w/it’s simple yet classic shape. my favorite part of the bag is the fact that the clasps snaps close automatically, taking away that extra step of twisting it close. and even though it looks small, i can fit my multiple lipstick/gloss, wallet, perfume, checkbook, and a host of other things i haul around.

check-out a whole lot of fun handbags from Christopher Kon and his other bag project for every girl,

happy shopping!


shorts: embroidered short from Forever 21
sandals: gold, Toscana
bag: Christopher Kon
sunnies: H&M
poncho + accessories


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