Vacation Week On #Instagram

off to brunch w/the family

hotel lobby, view from elevator

on my feet

beautiful chair at the hotel

my sister-in-law and did hot bikram yoga. I love yoga, but I loved doing it w/one of my fave people!

thirsty anyone?

aflutter about butterflies at the museum in DC

diamonds, diamonds, diamonds!

THE Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum

love this photograph

mommy+arianna dressed and ready for dinner



Vintage Italian leather clutch. I’ve had it forever


Happy Saturday, loves! I hope you’re spending it with the one you love. If you’re not, get out and LIVE…oh, and don’t forget to SMILE!

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3 thoughts on “Vacation Week On #Instagram

    1. Glor

      Ohgawd! but they’re my knock abouts! We’ll just have to get you one of your own! You can have most of my clothes, purses, and other shoes :)!


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