Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration

Good morning dreamL♥VERS!

I had a completely different post for you this morning, but see, things don’t always go as planned. These quotes really stuck out to me, and I wanted to add my two cents  / interpretation. How about you?


I love this because it’s so true. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be lost. And looking to other people or material or worst, things that aren’t yours for the happiness you so desperately need is so not how to attain happiness. If you want to be happy, truly happy, the key is to look inside yourself, stay true to yourself and strive to live your life with integrity and have self-worth / respect. If you don’t love yourself, no one will and you most certainly can’t love someone else.

This is closely related to the above in the sense that it focuses on YOU, again. We all need to live our best, happy life and what you think of yourself is so important in attaining that inner peace + happiness. If you think you don’t deserve the best, then guess what, the best will not be yours. You should always value your self-worth because if you do then others will see that and treat you with respect.

This one is so often ignored by so many people, and honestly, I don’t know why. Look, if you’re not happy, then do something about it. You can’t sit on your butt and expect change or good things to come to you. I believe with each new day we’re given a chance to start over, to do the right thing, ALL the time. If you have spent the last few years doing the wrong thing, start today to do the right thing. The path you’re on isn’t set in stone, you can change it if you’re not happy. You shouldn’t settle for anything but the best in life, so do it NOW, change the path you’re on!

Need I say more?

Look inside yourself because that’s where happiness is, remember that what you think of yourself is much more important that what others think, change the path you’re on if it’s leading you down a path of unhappiness, and most certainly, MOVE on to a happier you. It may seem scary to make a change, especially when you don’t know what the future holds. However, there’s no need to hang on to the past, or a job you don’t like or whatever your situation maybe be. The sooner you move on, the sooner you’ll be happy.

So get out there and LIVE your best, HAPPY life!



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