Vacation Pictures, Day 1

As you all know, family is hugely important to me and this past weekend, we welcomed quite a few of them. With the exception of her Grandma, this was the first time baby Arianna got to meet her aunt, uncle and cousin–meeting her cousin was highly anticipated by all of us. Watching the two of them interact + play at home, at dinner and sightseeing was joyful and we were all in awe. They clearly bonded right away!

Checkout a few snapshots from day one

delicious birthday dessert: mini cheesecake, raspberry sherbet, chocolate + long-stemmed rose

Baby Arianna rocking mommy’s floral scarf… me getting ready to make a wish!

Ah, total happiness… baby always clinging on to mommy 🙂

the in laws stayed at a beautiful hotel. I love the beautiful patterns on the carpet, the chairs, coffee table, the lights, the layout / decor, everything was just gorgeous!

I love these pair of gold suede chairs, I’ll take both please!

I love this vertical glass bubbles with soft LED lights. This was hanging from the very top of the building. Beautiful!

Now, now, don’t worry, there are LOTS more pictures that I’ll be sharing with you that I took with my new digital camera. I got the photography bug a few years ago and I’m finally (FINALLY) scratching the itch.

See you at next post, loves!



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