How to Make a #Vintage Patchwork Infinity Scarf

Hello dreamlovers!

Oh, how I’ve missed you all so much! How was your time with Jacqueline? I hope you all learned a thing or two from her! I read through her posts and loved them all!

Thank you, Jacqueline for all your great posts and for holding down the blog while I was out! I appreciate your time! xo

My vacation was superb, I definitely have lots of pictures to share, so stay tuned. In the meantime though, my fellow mommy blogger, Jessica Begum, crafted this wonderful how-to post on creating a personalized vintage scarf that I love so much I had to share with you!

Jessica writes…

I love the look of an infinity scarf. It can instantly turn a dull outfit hip and fun. This infinity scarf is actually made from five vintage scarves I already had.

If you don’t have vintage scarves lying around, just visit your local second hand store and have some fun! If you are just too impatient to start a collection and need to have this scarf right away (which I totally understand,) you can just buy light chiffon or silk fabric.


  • 5 scarves or fabric pieces cut down to 13″ x 16″
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Iron
  • Sewing pins
  • Embroidery floss and needle


Start by sewing all of the fabric pieces together to make one big circle. You’ll want to attach the 13″ sides.

You can neatly iron the seams together, fold, iron again and pin (pictured) to get nice, neat seams.

Or, you can end up just straight stitching the ends together because you find the slipperyness and sheerness of the fabric is just too much to handle, and don’t care if your scarf is a little rough looking. I’m not telling which method I did. 😉

Once you’ve got a nice big loop, you can fold down the sides, iron, fold again, iron and pin the edges. Then, choose a nice, bright embroidery floss, double it up, and hand stitch a wide straight stitch all the way around.

Do this on the other side and you’re done!



I love scarves so this is definitely on my DIY to-do list! Are you a DIY junkie, check out ModernMom’s complete Craftoon series, you’re welcome!

xo, Glor

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        i’m allright though need a holiday myself. great to have u back babe, and good luck with your emails
        P.S. think i might have accidently replied twice to your comment lol


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