Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration: Bonus Room Decor Inspiration


I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I did! It was filled with family, food, frozen yogurt, and fun! The weather was beautiful. Labor Day is right around the corner and it unofficially marks the end of summer even though summer is not over until the end of September so I know we are all trying to take advantage of this great weather and the time off.

One of my never ending projects is decorating our townhouse. My husband and I have purchased it almost three years ago and I am still working on fully decorating it, room by room. The first and second level are as complete as they are going to be for the time being. When it comes to the third level, where the bedrooms are located, I am at a standstill. They look the same as when we moved in, except for the furniture we placed in each. It is frustrating to say the least!

I started on my master bedroom at the end of last year by finally deciding on bed linens (I bought five/six different comforters). Little by little a few things have managed to get hung on the walls but it is in no way where I want it to be.

Occasionally I work from home and as I find myself doing it more and more I am feeling the much needed pressure to complete the decoration of my space. I have a bonus room in my master bedroom that could be used as a sitting room or home office. I decided to combine the two and make a sitting room/home office.  As usual I am stuck. I have too many ideas in my head and not enough execution.  I love watching HGTV so I decided to visit their website for inspiration. What do you think?

I love the warm colors of this space. They combined a sitting area, a desk, and storage, just what I need!

I like the subtle use of animal prints in this room. They were able to fit a desk, small couch, and table in this space.

I love this use of white and the glass top desk was perfect so maximize the use of this small space.

Although I don’t like all of the TVs and monitors in this space, I love the bookshelf for storage and the earth tones.

Where do you find inspiration when decorating your space? What would you say is your decorating style? I would love to hear about how you transformed your space.




One thought on “Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration: Bonus Room Decor Inspiration

  1. Dana Cristina

    Love the white one (there’s never too such thing as too much white for me)! But I would go for a comb of the white, the 1st one and the bookshelf you’ve mentioned:) Great post! xxxx


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