Blog Take Over: Meet Jacqueline

Hello dreamL♥VERS!

I’m so excited to introduce you to a dear friend, my work BFF, Jacqueline Pacheco Cardoza. She makes work life fun.  She’s also my right hand and go-to person when I’m out of the office. Jacq, as I like to call her, has incredible style and is completely obsessed with makeup and nail polish! Yes, even more than me!

the happy couple: Jacqueline and her husband, José

While I’m on R&R for a few days, she’ll be taking over my blog in what we’re calling “Blog Take Over”. She’ll share her obsessions, inspirations and insider tips on nails, fashion, and beauty/makeup.

Looking fresh face w/curly locks (loving the dress)

Please give Jacq a warm dreamL♥VERS welcome! And don’t forget to show her love + support in comments + likes! Let the blog take over begin!

Welcome to dreamL♥VEbelieve, Jacq! 🙂



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