Sweetest #Birthday!

My birthday was one of the best birthdays I have had ever! Edward and Arianna greeted me with balloons before I even got out of the car.


Waiting for me at home were beautiful roses + wine…


This here is THE best birthday dinner: grilled salmon, salmon + cilantro salad, fresh crab cake, and grilled veggies. He made this all by himself, I took pics of him cooking to capture the moment!


Homemade chocolate cake topped w/cookie candles. I made a wish and ate the candles off the cookies. :)… (no real candles because Arianna gets into everything, so must keep fire away from baby). I made a wish, I’ll let you know when it comes true, so stay tuned…


Even more decorative cookies.

Everything was made with LOVE and I soaked it all in! The day was BETTER than I could have dreamt up!


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