It’s My Birthday And I Got All My LOVES With Me!

You’ve heard the phrase “family circle” right? Well, it’s called a circle for a reason. See, a circle, especially that of a family is extremely difficult to break. Like natural circles–the Sun and Moon, it’s a continuous ring because irrespective of what’s going on– ups and downs, good or bad, or any meaningless distractions it stays intact! And my circle of love started with our daughter, Arianna.


My view at the office, I always have my eyes on what’s most important.

Family bond is always going to stand the test of time and challenges of life. The bond I share with my Edward started way before we had a daughter together. We share so many incredible moments and experiences that only us will ever know. Like, I love that I can say, “do you remember when such and such happened?” and we both think of the exact same moment, it’s crazy. We have been through a lot as a couple and it’s those experiences that will forever bond us together. The LOVE we share and have for one another is the fabric of our family bond.



And to top it off, God has put his stamp of approval and spiritual glue on our love and solidified it through our wonderful, lovely and amazing daughter. And that, my friends, is the kind of LOVE that is not going to dissolve. In fact, the difficulties that life throws at us are what have made our love even stronger today. And NO ONE or NOTHING stands a chance of intruding, not now, not ever.


Ah, I love these two!


This is LOVE: mother & child, no love is greater than this!


Ah, a girl and her doggie! Jolie is absolutely mesmerized with baby Arianna. She’s so good w/the baby!

And this is all a girl could ever ask for on her birthday. I’m in excellent health, we all are. I have my dog, my boyfriend, and our love, Arianna. It feels fantastic to have all my loves all to myself! I’m completely and utterly in LOVE with my man and my daughter, and my amazing dog, Jolie!

I’m celebrating all week long, and this weekend is going to be even sweeter! I can’t wait!

Happy Birthday to my fellow Leos, especially you, Charlize Theron!



8 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday And I Got All My LOVES With Me!

  1. Awesome me

    Happy birthday love 🙂 and yes the circle of ur family is unbreakable it will withstand the tests of life and all the drama that’s comes with it.

    You are blessed with an amazing daughter, a cool dude and nothing or no one can take that away from u.

    Enjoy your birth week 🙂

  2. Tiffany Heindl

    Beautifully written, and well put. You are such a phenomenal woman and so full of love and light. As women, it is our duty to be constantly full of love to share with our children and partners; and how wonderfully you are demonstrating this! For your birthday I wish you continued love and wisdom, and all good things for you and your beautiful unbreakable family! Give the babe many kisses from Maxi and I! All my love, Tiffany Xoxoxoxo

    1. Glor

      Thank you, Tiffers! We love you too! I am so incredibly lucky to have friends like you who’s incredibly supportive and loving. I can’t wait to see your face soon! I LOVE YOU, love! xo

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