Let’s Play! How to Raise a Happy Baby

#OOTD: DVF kids print leggings from GapBaby & neon green onesie by Oshkosh B’gosh

OK, so one of the things I’ve learned as new mom is that when you have a baby, you will eventually find yourself acting silly and making silly faces + noises to appease your baby. Entertaining a baby is no small feat. Your toys of choice not only has to balance educational features with hand + eye coordination, it also has to keep their attention for more than 5 minutes! And it that doesn’t work, well, you’ll have to just make a fool of yourself so baby can get a laugh. My little one loves it when I make hurt sounds as she pulls on my hair, or make weird noises with my throat, she loves that one.

Baby Arianna is turning 9 months in less than a week, and well, we’ve noticed that she needs more to play with than the countless Fisher-Price toys her dad has purchased. She gets bored easily now and need more items like, say, my cell phone, laptop, remote, the doggie food bowl+bed, or the weirdest one: plastic water bottle. I don’t understand why she’s so fascinated with the damn thing! I mean, she’ll literally fight us for it. AND, she’ll whine until she gets her hands on it. Does your child do this?

She did it again last night and I started to think, how can we entertain her? What else can we possibly do to keep her out of the doggie food bowl or bed? So I found this list of weekly activities for baby’s first year thanks to Babycenter.com. Here’s their suggestion for activities for 9 months old. I’ll be trying them with Arianna so stay tuned…

9 months old

If you have any suggestions, please share!



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