Kristen Stewart Caught Cheating With Married Director

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Hey dreamlovers!

Did you guys hear about Kristen Stewart cheated on her long-time boyfriend, Rob Pattinson with a married man? It’s so sad to read this story because cheating is one of those things that in my opinion is unforgivable because it does so much damage to everyone involved. It makes me sick to think a married man with two kids would jeopardize his family’s security and love to get in bed with another woman. Or, even for a woman, knowing full well that he’s married to even pursue anything with him.

I feel terrible for the kids because they’re going to get hurt the most in this situation. Nothing good ever comes from cheating, absolutely nothing!

Do you think Rob should take Kristen back, or should Liberty forgive her husband for his infidelity? I want to know what you think, so share in the comments below. Could you ever forgive a cheater?


source: ModernMom (read full story)


11 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Caught Cheating With Married Director

  1. cioccolatoscuro

    I usually like to let celebrity stories as such last 6 months to year (no visual proof). Could be made up!

  2. Patra

    We are only getting half of the story. Maybe HE pursued her! She may have tried but resist but ultimately she fell for his charm.

    You can always forgive but you can never forget. There must have been something lacking in the relationship for the cheating to have taken place. Men/women who are happy at home DON’T cheat. So for all of you out there (whether you are famous or not) who suspect your significant other of cheating they probably are. Just because you forgive the person you are with and/or forbid them from seeing the other individual after you have found out, doesn’t mean that they will stop. Where there’s a will there’s a way! This rings true especially if the the person who has cheated is still in love with the person they have chosen to spend their time with. You may try to hold it together for the child(ren) but ultimately the lack of trust established will hinder your realtionship. You will always question, wonder and doubt. So if you’d like to live a miserable existence trying to keep it together for the kid(s) when you, yourself aren’t happy, so be it. These situations usually it end up with the parties breaking up in the long run.

    So sure I can forgive, but the impression on the act is everlasting!

    1. Glor

      Thank you, Patra for taking the time to comment. It’s true that you can never rebuild your lives together, at least not the way they were before the infidelity. I do however disagree that if something was lacking in the relationship, then the other person will cheat. I think they are some relationships were there’s nothing lacking at all, but because the cheating partner is selfish and doesn’t think about the consequences or they s/he is not going to get caught, they cheat. My thing is, if you’re an adult and you know right from wrong, and STILL do the wrong thing, then there’s no excuse. If one’s not happy in his or her relationship, the best thing to do is try and work it out or break up amicably. You’ll earn more respect that way and at least retain a friendship. But when you lie, cheat then cry and beg to be taken back, it’s disrespectful, humiliating. Cheating does more to the hurt partner than people realize. It completely shatters the hurt person’s core, they could / might become insecure, feel unsafe in the relationship or future relationships, it’s horrible.

      One can forgive, yes, but unfortunately, one can never forget. And to be honest, walking away from the relationship when there’s a child involved is the hardest thing a hurt partner will ever do. Staying in the relationship is easy, leaving is tough. I don’t advice anyone stay with a cheater. You shouldn’t have to go through emotional hurt + pain because of someone else’s actions. Move on to a better you. And I think once a cheater always a cheater. Listen to your GUT INSTINCTS and move on. The cheater is never going to change. They cry because they got caught not because they’re sorry for what they did. Move on!

      1. Patra

        I understand where you are coming from when you say that people cheat because they don’t think that they are going to get caught, but there has to be a catalyst for the individual to be comfortable enough to think that they can get away with it.

        I am a little perplexed about it being easier to stay in a relationship that has experienced infideility than to leave when there is a child involved. I don’t understand how staying in this type of relationship is healthy for the children. A child can feel at a very early age that there is tension within a household. My youngest already senses that mommy and daddy aren’t happy with one another. Do we really want our children to feel our pain? Children can still grow up to be healthy and happy with two loving parents whether they live in the same household or not, right? I’m not sure if I am able to stick with this man who is STILL cheating just for the sake of saying that we are a family. So why stay in a realtionship with a cheater just because of the kids? Yes, the “family unit” is key but what good is a “family unit” when one parent looks at the other with distain and disgust? I agree that you shouldn’t stay with a cheater but at want point do you call it quits when a child is involved? I’m miserable trying to hold it together for the sake of having a two parent household. We will never get back what we had…. the pain is just so deep. I’m constantly thinking about what they have done together and what he’s doing when i’m not around. Sorry to vent but your question got me going. What would you do if it were you? I really need some inspiration from an unbiased perspective.

  3. Aria

    It truly depends on the situation and the puerile involved. I have seen couples survive a round of cheating and others that could never regain their trust.
    My own stance? No way. If you disregard my emotional well being and completely undermine the very thing relationships are built upon (trust) then I am better off without you, no matter the initial, crushing blow. I know I would find someone better for me once I healed.

  4. Glor

    Patra, you’re right: you’ll never go back to the way things were. So what you need to do is think about your children and make a logical decision as to what’s best for them. Don’t be emotional about it, just stay focus on your kids and yourself. DO NOT THINK ABOUT the person that betrayed you. He NEVER ONCE thought about YOU and your KIDS, NOT ONCE. Believe me.

    When I said it’s easier to stay, I meant just that: staying is easy, but have the courage to MOVE ON to a BETTER, HAPPIER you and BELIEVING that there is a BETTER, HAPPIER you is so much harder because all you think about is how much you want to keep the family unit for your kids. But you have to think about how you want your kids to see you when they grow up: as strong independent or weak and low self esteem. Trust me, I know. But you’ll always be wondering, am I good enough, what did I do wrong, does he touch me the same same he touched her. Trust me, you don’t need that. You need to LIVE your BEST Life, and to do that is to walk away from this ROTTEN, SPOILED one. The life you’re in now is no sacred anymore. Someone else has intruded and injected it with poison. This is no longer your life. You need to move on and CREATE a new one for you and your kids. It doesn’t seem attainable now, but, believe you will come out on the other side a happier better person.

    At the end of the day, this is not how you want to live your life, wondering, asking questions, you don’t. You want AND DESERVE to have a healthy, happy, safe, secure, loving relationship with someone who can never betray your trust or take away your kids’ sense of family security, ever. Even if you move on NOW and it was meant to be then you’ll both find your way back. Family unit is important, but a sane, HAPPY mother is equally as important, IF not more important. DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR KIDS. Because obviously he’s not so YOU have to.

    Lastly, please know that I am here. if you ever do need to talk or want to continue this exchange, we’ll do this until you get to a place to make the best decision. If you want to email me privately, please go to about page and you’ll see me email. I’m here for you no matter what you need. I’ll even to you on the phone if you want/need. I’m here for you.

    My heart goes out to you. This is a touch situation and it’s not easy to make a decision. But we’re here to support you no matter what. Don’t let him hurt you anymore!


    1. Patra

      Thanks so much Glor for your support. I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me. I am truly GREATFUL! I have decided that the best is yet come for me so I packed up my kids, and left. I just needed that extra push to get me out the door and you managed to give that to me. It was hard leaving but I know that I have done all I can to make this work and it’s time for me to be happy. A tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m looking forward and not backward, I am so full of hope for a better tomorrow and I know that God had something wonderful planned for us. As long as I have my little ones with me I know that everything will work out just fine! Thanks again for everything and btw….great blog, you rock!

      xoPatra 🙂

      1. Glor

        You are so very welcome! God will heal your heart in time. You made the right decision because you did what’s best for your little munchkins. You all deserve a better, happy future. Keep your head high, and feel free to come back here anytime you want to talk. I’m here for you, seriously, email or comment. I want you to keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

        Trust me, you won’t regret this. You are strong, courageous, brave and a great mom!! Look to your kids for internal joy and happiness and strength. Stay focus and keep busy, don’t dwell on the past. You did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing. I’m sooooooooo very proud of you! I’m sending you lots of (((hugs)))) and prayers!

        Reach out anytime you need to talk about anything. I’m here for you. xoGlor

  5. Glor

    Aria, I agree, disregarding your emotional well being is a sign of disrespect and he doesn’t deserve you. But at the end of the day you have to make the decision. it’s difficult but it must be made. I hate when guys do this because they don’t think about the kids involved, they just think about themselves; it’s selfish. Women have to stick together.



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