Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration

Good day dreamlovers! I hope you’re enjoying every single moment that you have. There’s a quote from a movie that I watched a long time ago, and it was, “Life is so much easier without friends”. At the time, I thought, wow, that’s profound and I didn’t fully understand. I do think it’s not true though, Life is SO much more easier w/friends, especially the ones who build you up, support you no matter what and stand by you, cry with you, laugh with you, celebrate with you.

Today, I want to say to you…

Source: via on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration

  1. the amazon chick

    Good friends are always an asset but not all friends are good friends. Some of my friends in particular wouldn’t get this wonderful quote. Some people can’t seem to help imposing their standards/values/expectations on others. So, thanks for reminding us that a good life is defined by the person living it.

    1. Glor

      You’re welcome love! I know, isn’t it sad that some ppl won’t get the quote? That’s all the more reason to surround yourself with friends that have your best interest at heart.


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