Your Afternoon Cup of #FASHION + #Inspiration

Hello lovelies! I couldn’t do one cup of #Fashion or #Inspiration, so I’ve a double shot of fashion fix for you complete with an inspiration boost for your afternoon enjoyment. Do you love me or what? (Say it, say you love me!)

OK, we can talk about your love for me later… So you know how in the fashion world, right now is soooo yesterday and next season is soooo in. So I’m not surprise that design houses and retailers are starting to display fall fashions in store and online. And I know it’s summer, but I’m actually getting super excited about fall and all the cozy hats, scarves, coats, boots. I’m already obsessing about baby winter items, like these berets from H&M baby. I want ALL four colors!

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Ok, by now, you know how much I love a good structured bag. I’m currently obsessing over this one. I need this bag in my life, I do, I really do! 

Source: via on Pinterest

You ever see a dress and you just know you were meant to have it? THIS is that dress for me. I love everything about it!

Source: via on Pinterest


4 thoughts on “Your Afternoon Cup of #FASHION + #Inspiration

  1. Dana Cristina

    Oh my God, today I just came across the exact same photo of the dress! I love it!!! The green beret is so funky! Great post Glor! Thanks for the double shot of inspiration:) xxxx


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