Your Evening Cup of #Inspiration

American Outfitters gladiator sandals, shelled edemame (yum), and new book ‘love life’

hello lovelies! i hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. i’m having a pleasant day. did some shopping after breakfast. i’m creating a gift basket for my dear friend, Jessica and her baby. she had a beautiful daughter last month, her name is Victoria. i’m so excited to see them tomorrow.

i really want to give her something personal. i didn’t want to go to store and buy some packaged outfit or whatever. i’ll definitely let you now what all i got her. i’m so excited to meet Victoria tomorrow.

oh, the quoted photos are snapshots from a book i bought today called “love life”. it’s an inspirational book with some great quotes. these two are my fave.

have a good night. see you in the morning, xo, G


One thought on “Your Evening Cup of #Inspiration

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