Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration: J’aime Paris!


I love keepsake storage boxes. In fact, I love any type of storage bins + boxes in different sizes, shapes and designs. My obsession with storage boxes went up a few notches when I became mommy because I wanted to find one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes for preserving priceless tangible memories.

I found these boxes are Marshall’s when I was still pregnant and I knew immediate what I’d use them for. They’re in Arianna’s walk-in closet and they hold her baby clothes (the one she wore home from the hospital), onesies, cute little socks + hats, etc.




With the small box, I thought I’d use it to store all of her greeting cards from the baby shower, and any she gets along the way. Her first birthday invitation, including all of the bands with our names and her date of birth from the hospital. Including money gifted to her from her grandma and friends of mine.





These boxes are her very own personal ‘treasure chests’ full of many priceless memories + love that she’ll get to look through when she gets older.

Till next time Lovelies, xoGlor


One thought on “Your Afternoon Cup of #Inspiration: J’aime Paris!

  1. cioccolatoscuro

    Did you know that you can travel with her for free until she is 3?!!! Once she turns 3, you gotta pay for her tickets.


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