Your Morning Cup of #DIY: Knot Rope Necklace

Source: via on Pinterest

Good morning lovelies! So I came across this website, by the talented and amazing craft goddess, Erica Domesek. She’s just brilliant and amazing and I LOVE her website–you all should check it out + bookmark, I did!

About Erica(@psimadethis)
Erica has been seen crafting on Martha Stewart, Nate Berkus, Rachael Ray, Fox, NBC, E! News and CBS. Her work has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, Glamour, Lucky, InStyle, Self, Italian Vogue, Vogue Nippon, The Wall Street Journal, and more. She has styled and designed campaigns for international brands such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Helmut Lang, Bloomingdales, Roxy, Quiksilver, and Sharpie, among others. 

ANYway, so she made this awesome knot rope necklace that I thought was pure genius! I am dying to try this because I love simple + easy to follow DIYs. Look,  I’d admit, I’m not a DIY creative genius like Erica, but when it comes to words, WORDS I can do. I love writing, PR, communications, social media, web design+development, philosophy, fashion, girlfriend talk / advice, etc., I am your girl BUT DIYs, man, I don’t know why, I can’t seem to master it. I do love simple ones though like I said, and I’ve been inspired by some amazing DIY projects. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t have the patience for it, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I love Erica’s simple + ingenius approach to turning every day items into wearable, doable DIY work of art. Something this not-so-good-diy gal can totally do it, which means you can too!

Are you a DIYer, what’s your favorite DIY project? If you have any simple + easy to follow projects + blogs, please share links with me so I can practice!

Have a lovely Thursday! xoGlor

p.s., get snippets of my life via Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. My username on all three sites is: @iamglor. See ya there!


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