Happy Birthday Edward, Love #AppleTV!

Good afternoon lovelies! Today is my boyfriend’s,  baby Arianna’s Daddy’s birthday. He doesn’t want me to say how old he is so I won’t.

Please join me in wishing him a happy birthday:

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dear Edward. Happy Birthday to You.

In our home, it’s tradition that you get more than one birthday (or Christmas, or any occasion card). My friends can certainly attest to this. So in keeping with our tradition, Arianna, Jolie and I got Daddy lots of birthday cards…

What’s the white box you ask? Well, let me tell you… He said he only wanted one thing for his birthday this year. I wasn’t surprised when he said he wanted the new Apple TV. I remember he had a huge grin on his face when he told me. Lol, of course I had to get it….we are a happy Apple family!

Here are some screenshots from Apple.com.

I am a huge Hulu.com fan so I was very much open-minded to welcoming yet another online streaming device that promises to make in-home entertainment fun. I did some research on iTunes.com over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by all the features that came with Apple TV.

Here’s what I got just five minutes into perusing Apple.com: this device will give us the ability to stream, wirelessly, our favorite HD movies, HD TV shows, sports–NHL, NBA, MLB to our Sony Internet TV. AND, we can even stream our photos, music, and home movies, including our favorite YouTube videos? Genius!

This tiny black box sure packs a lot of entertainment power and it’s certainly robust enough to tango with the best of them. Best of all, Edward now has a new toy to play with! Would you buy the Apple TV?

I love you baby, happy birthday!

Love, Mommy Glor, Arianna, Jolie (woof)


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