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If you have been reading the blog then you know that I am a new mom to a beautiful 7-month-old baby girl. You also do know that I am struggling with losing the last of the baby weight, mostly around my tummy area. Finding clothes that fit post-baby has surprisingly been a challenge for me. I say surprisingly because throughout my pregnancy last year, I only purchased four maternity dresses, that is right, four! So why am I struggling to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, and for so long?

With equal parts patience + determination + diet change + 30mins a day, you can totally get your pre-baby body back.

w/baby Arianna in mommy’s tummy at 6 months pregnant

To be honest, I thought after having the baby, the weight would essentially melt off; some of it did anyway. Now I am stuck in that weird place of looking four months pregnant. I have been working out three times per week, and eating an all pescetarian diet. Truth is when you become a mom, time gets away from you and your life is consumed with ensuring the uttermost wellbeing of your little girl or boy. And honestly, you don’t really care about how you look, not in the beginning anyway. Soon enough, you will have to start going out for dinner, meeting up w/girlfriends to catch up on all non-baby related gossips+happenings (even though you’re likely to spend the whole time cooing about how wonderful motherhood is). Unfortunately for some new moms, the daunting task of finding anything in your closet that fits your new body is not so wonderful.

For some women, losing the baby weight comes easy, some with more effort; others like myself are faced with the challenge of losing the weight. It takes a lot of patience. The best way to quickly lose the weight and feel like yourself again is to stop comparing yourself to other moms and to accept that only time will melt the fat away for you. Just as in pregnancy: everybody and baby are different.

Me in Time Square, NYC 2007

Sure it is hard but it is completely doable, trust me. With equal parts patience+determination+diet change+30mins a day, you can totally get your pre-baby body back in no time. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve changed the way I think/see my body today. Most importantly, I’ve stopped comparing myself to the way I was a few years ago. Of course, I was a size 0-2 then when I had no baby, countless hours to go jogging, hiking, dancing, etc. Today, I am all about midnight feedings instead of late night dancing. And I cherish the four hours increment of sleep I get each night than grabbing late night sushi + martinis, or any of the other “fun cool things” I used to do before becoming a mom.

Ask any mom if they would trade baby for their old lives, I don’t think you’ll find one who’ll say yes. (Well….maybe Casey Anthony) yea, I said it! C’mon, will your child be missing for 31 days and you not call 911? Heck, I’ll lose it if anything happened to my dog! (I’m just saying…)! Anyway, I digress….

This post started out about me wanting to tell you about how I plan to start a one-week style challenge this week. But as I started drafting the post on my WordPress app on my Samsung Galaxy II, it quickly morphed into this post and took on a life of its own; it is completely unedited. I wanted to post as is because I wanted to share my honest perspective on one of the most talked about disorders in America–weight loss.

Additional tips to losing the baby weight I’ve been following:

  1. Get regular exercise – at least 30 min 3 times per week
  2. Eat on a salad plate only to control portion size
  3. Avoid all fatty/fried foods
  4. Drink only zero calorie drinks or milk (no juice or sugar drinks)
  5. Drink a full glass of water before every meal
  6. When going out to eat – share an entree or save half for another day.

Let me know if you’re struggling (or if you’ve ever struggled with) weight loss.

p.s.  I will post about my one-week style challenge later today.
Please consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise + diet regimen. 


2 thoughts on “Your Morning Cup of #Inspiration:

  1. cioccolatoscuro

    You’ll loose it in no time. Just stay focused and make sure the refrigerator has been cleansed.


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