Buy a Pair, Give a Pair of Vintage-inspired eyewear by @WarblyParker

Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful Saturday morning, I was in bed with my daughter watching Ali Fedotowsky (@AliFedotowsky), Host of 1st Look on NBC, cover a really great story about a couple of Stanford grad students who basically started an eyeglass design company. Now, I know you’re thinking—what is so interesting about a couple of people starting an eyewear company you asked? Let me tell you…

Well into the segment, I learned the following, and I was so intrigued that I had to share with you—albeit a couple of weeks later, but you know, I’ve been busy, and you know what they say—better late than never.

Perhaps you have heard of this place before, perhaps not—either way, it is intriguing and you should know…again.

Who: Warbly Parker, a collaboration between four close friends, Warby Parker was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced and bland eyewear available today.
What: higher-quality, better-looking prescription eye wear fashionably priced at $95 and available exclusively via its website + showrooms.
Where: New York City, NY
MO: Buy a Pair. Give a Pair (GENIUS!)

The Warby Parker aesthetic is vintage-inspired with a contemporary twist. Every pair is custom fit with anti-reflective, polycarbonate prescription lenses.

What was so intriguing to me about these eyewear designers was the fact that in the piece, they had mentioned, “almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses. This means that 15% of the global population cannot effectively learn or work.” This is exactly why I think the minds behind Warby Parker is pure genius. They found a solution for a problem they had and turned it into a global, humanitarian solution for all.

After watching the segment, I mentioned to Edward who, too, thought the concept was brilliant and he will be shopping for a new pair from WP. I too wear glasses and I am due for a new pair and cannot wait to start shopping for my new WP eyes. I even mentioned it to a coworker!

What do you, would you buy a pair to give a pair?

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