At What Age Will You (or did you) Stop #Breastfeeding?

So I came across this video link on Bethenny Frankel’s website where she’s discussing the topic of breastfeeding with songwriter / musician, Alanis Morrissette. When asked how long she plans to breast-feed for, she replied, “Until he’s finished”.

So my question to all you moms and new moms, at what age did you or will you stop breastfeeding your LO?

{click here to watch the clip} and tell me what you think about this.


4 thoughts on “At What Age Will You (or did you) Stop #Breastfeeding?

  1. fruitaliniyogi

    Thanks for the link. I feel similar to Alanis Morrissette as long as the nursing relationship is going well for both parties I think there’s no reason to stop. With proper support and information a breastfeeding relationship can last until the child “finishes”. I’ve heard of many moms whose children just decided to stop one day, usually between 2 and 5. There are all kinds of circumstances in which the breastfeeding relationship may need to adapt to different needs and habits, and of course it needs to be managed as the relationship matures. I also feel like I will let my daughters nurse until they are finished, although I stopped my oldest daughter for 6 months when it became too difficult for me to bare during my second pregnancy. It was obvious she had not finished however, and I’m happy she was able to start again. My daughters are coincidentally turning 2 and 5 in the next few months. Things are going well and I trust their bodies to tell them and me when they are finished.

    1. Glor

      yes, but what if the nursing relationship is going so well into…say, 2…3, or even 4 years? Would you try to wean your LO off?

      I’d always thought I’d stop at 3 months, but then I felt so close with Arianna that I couldn’t stop at 3 months. I had to make that selfless decision to keep going. Now I plan to stop when she turns 1 yr old. But I say that now but I’m sure that could possibly change!

      1. fruitaliniyogi

        I thought at first “I’ll go at least a year, hopefully longer”, than it was “I’ll stop when she’s 3″…my oldest daughter will be 5 in September, it is really not a big deal after awhile, things about the relationship changes and you get used to it. The relationship with my oldest daughter is easier than the one with my almost 2 year old. They don’t nurse near as much as they get older and they’re more relaxed and appreciative about it as they get older.


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