There’s an #Apps for that!

Hey guys,

So here’s my dilemma:
I have the standard apps that comes with the phone, like email, few games, social apps, etc. I download BOA banking app, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress apps to stay connected w/friends+ blog on the go. But, I find myself using the same apps over and over.

My phone: Samsung Galaxy S2 by Google Android OS.

When I talk to my friends about phones+apps, I quickly realize that I don’t have nearly as much or cool apps on my phone.

For me, I think apps have to be useful. Like, I don’t want to just download any app, it has to serve some purpose, like say, make my life easier or something.  I read about this app that let’s you scan your receipt to not only help you track your spending but eliminate all those receipts you carry around hoping to sort through but never do.

Case in point, I just downloaded the instagram app a couple of weeks ago. I really love it because it’s another way to stay connected while viewing the world through other people’s eyes. So to me that’s a cool app!

So tell me, what is/are your fave app(s)?


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