my morning cup of #INSPIRATION

Good morning, lovelies!

Welcome to Monday, a day in which most of us dread because the workweek is putting a damper on our very lovely + relaxing weekend. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been one of those people that look at Monday as a dreadful day. In fact, I love Mondays, well, OK maybe I like Mondays–love is going overboard. One of the reasons I like Monday is because I get to bring a bunch of flowers to work to help add some color to my cube. Plus, it gives it that homey feeling. Cubicles can be depressing, especially if you’re not sitting near a window. I love that it brightens up my cubicle and the fragrance lasts all week.

In my opinion, it’s hugely important to start your workweek on a good note and certainly with your best foot forward (you should always do this anyway, but sometimes we all need a little reminder). Maintaining a professional working attitude is important because it sets you apart from others and it lets your supervisor know that you’re serious about your work and about that promotion you so yearn for.

 “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou

When you feel good, you walk taller and are more articulate in meetings and crawlference calls. I call them crawlference calls because they always seem to take for.ever. to get through. You ever sat in on one of the calls where you have no idea what the call/meeting is about? And you spend most of the time daydreaming about beach vacations, shopping at your favorite stores or sites, reading DreamLoveBelieve blog by iamGlor?

Speaking of feeling good. I eat this for breakfast everyday–
  1. a glass of warm water (12oz to 16oz)
  2. a handful of almonds
  3. 6oz of Chobani Greet yogurt (plan, non-fat)
  4. 10 seedless grapes; reds are my favorite
  5. a banana
  6. 72% dark chocolate

Like the flowers, I keep a large tub of Chobani Greek yogurt at the office so I can have whenever I have the urge to consume empty calories. I add the almonds and grapes into my yogurt. I LOVE dark chocolate because the antioxidants in dark chocolate help keep my blood pressure down. I eat about 100 grams a day. And I’ve read that the nutrient in cocoa called epicatechin help lower the risk of common diseases.

What’s the one thing you have to have in the morning? Tea? Coffee? Chocolate? 


6 thoughts on “my morning cup of #INSPIRATION

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