Black + Gold

My closet, especially my handbag collection is a great mix of designer inspired handbags like this Alyssa bag, (I totally scored at TJ MAXX). I am not a snob at all when it comes to fashion. Let me just say this:

Fashion doesn’t make me who I am, I make fashion a part of my personal style.

This very reason is why something that looks fabulous on one person might not look as great on someone else. I love the faux leather and gold-tone hardware; it adds that classic look to the bag. The design is super cool too; I love the versatility and wearability of the bag. It looks expensive, but it isn’t. Because let’s face it, we all want to look fashionable and in-style, but in this economy, we don’t want to break the bank doing so.

What’s your favorite inexpensive designer inspired item that you absolutely love? Please share in the comments.



3 thoughts on “Black + Gold

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