#Facebook to Allow Minors Under 13 to Create Profile

Hey, you guys–

Did you see this headline about mega social network site, Facebook wanting to allow minors to create their own profiles on Facebook?

According to reports, the social network giant is thinking about letting kids create their own profiles by connecting their accounts to their parents’ account. This way, parents can “feel” as though they’re exercising that proverbial parental control over their kids’ online activities.

One word: dislike.

In my opinion, kids under the age of 16 should not be allowed on any social network. But listen, I’m not naive; I know there are plenty of underage kids on Facebook and Twitter because they lied about their age to join. Is this what it’s come to, kids lying to join social networks that could potentially put them at risk for online bullying? Who’s responsible for ensuring our kids are safe online: parents, the government, or are we leaving to Facebook to make that determination for our kids? Furthermore, it si also being reported that parents themselves are helping their kids lie to get on Facebook and other social networking sites. This is according to a researchers performed by Harvard, University of California, Northwestern University and Microsoft Research

The research pointed out that, “for kids who were under 13 at the time they signed up, 68 percent of the parents “indicated that they helped their child create the account.” Among 10-year-olds on Facebook, 95 percent of parents were aware their kids were using the service while 78 percent helped create the account.”

I’d like to know what you think, would you let your child, under 13, join Facebook or Twitter? Would you lie to get your kid to join Facebook?



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