#Baby Tested. Mommy Approved. Made by #Madden.

I bought this Steve Madden Satchel yesterday. What do you think?

Steve Madden satchel

Handmade necklace + Movado watch

Don’t let the small size fool ya! This satchel expands to fit my LV makeup bag, wallet, small notebook, a magazine, iPad and cell no problem! Love!

Arianna playing with Mommy’s new purse! This is who I come home to everyday, not bad at all, right!

I love coming to this face after a long day at the office! LOVE her!

Being a mom is one of my greatest joys.

She’s almost 7months old and loves grabbing everything, especially Mommy’s jewelry! I secretly hope she’s a fashionista like me!
What a perfect way to end my Monday! Hope you had a great day… Til next time, xoGlor!

Floral dress on Arianna: Calvin Klein Jeans
Stripped Navy Blue dress on Me: Fun & Flirt
Necklace: Handmade vintage
Bag: Steve Madden
Watch: Movado
Sunglasses: Pixie Market


8 thoughts on “#Baby Tested. Mommy Approved. Made by #Madden.

      1. astimegoesbuy

        Good here!
        Busy as always. Planning on breaking the big 90 day shopping fast starting tomorrow! Which may explain why I am too awake for this hour. 🙂
        How’s things there? You and the wee one are looking fantastic as always!
        Laura xx

        1. Glor

          OMG, I bet you must be eager to buy something, anything to “quench” your shopping taste, LOL!! I truly admire you for sticking through it…I don’t know if I could do it honestly. I’m actually going to do a 90 day challenge to drop some of the baby lbs. So we’ll see if I can do.

          Aw, thank you so much! I love her, she’s so great.

          1. astimegoesbuy

            I am looking forward to shopping but have given myself a very short list as I don’t want to get all crazy and lose the plot!
            Maybe I should do the drop the lbs challenge with you instead of getting back on the shopping challenge! I could use your challenge more but think it would be harder!
            Not sure why you are going to do it. You already look FAB!
            Laura xx

          2. Glor

            Short list is a great strategy! Oooooo I wonder what you’ll buy! 🙂 Please share the short list on your fab blog, if you haven’t already!

            Doing the challenge together would be fun! Thanks for the compliment! I do need to lose at least 55 lbs (25 of which are from pregnancy) I just want to fit better into my clothes, at least by my birthday in Aug. I just have to find time!

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