Hey you guys!

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend so far…what do you like to do on Saturdays?

I like to do most of my household chores around the condo on Saturday mostly because I don’t have time during the work week. This way I can enjoy my lazy Sunday. This morning was no different.

As I was cleaning the condo, I realized I have way too many magazines. So of course, I had to go through my stacks to see who was on the cover of what magazine. I couldn’t help myself I had to flip through to see all the fashions from seasons past. I found some of my favorite issues from my absolute favorite mags that I subscribe to and love to read regularly.

my favorite mags: Marie Claire | VOGUE

W Magazine | ELLE

I love fashion. I’m always so excited to get my magazines in the mail so I can see what fashion and beauty editors have on their list of must-haves for current + upcoming seasons. And of course, I love to read up on celeb news, what their up to, etc., and the photo shoots + campaign ads are always great for inspiration!

I ove these shoes, gorgeous!

Did you know? In college I interned for Northern Virginia Magazine as Public Relations and Events Management intern. One of my coolest assignments was attending a high-end Chinese-American restaurant opening as the Food Editor. Armed with the dept. camera, I mingled with guests, had some awesome food. It was great, loved it!

 Check out my name on the staff list! So much fun working there even for a few months!

black+white floral scarf, red Italian leather notebook +  black leather clutch, vintage

What is your favorite fashion mag? Please share in the comment below–thanks!



7 thoughts on “#Magazines

  1. Hera Nyx

    I have a bunch of magazines as well. I started making my own “magazine” though…well more like an inspiration book made from cutouts from magazines. I made sections and coordinated page with themes. All great pics that I love!

    I actually have a lot more to add but hey that’s why I use Pinterest..lol (but I love tangible items as well)

    1. Glor

      Wow, that’s a nifty idea! As much as there’s a lot of talk around online media and how it’s the future of magazines and newspaper, I still love the fact that mags are so tangible!

      What’s your favorite magazine of all time, if you had to choose one.

      1. Hera Nyx

        Awwww man I suck at making the “what’s your favorite” decision lol. I can never choose. Well…Marie Claire & Elle are go to purchases for me. I love Nylon and will buy HBazar from time to time. Although I don’t have a lot of tangible copies WWD is another go to. When I can I also like to enjoy the same magz in other countries. See I really can’t choose ONE. 🙂

        1. Glor

          LOL, you really can’t huh! it’s OK…MC is probably my favorite because they have a lot of simple yet relatable ideas that I can easily incorporate into my home and work life. VOGUE, W, and Elle are right behind MC tho; I subscribe to all four. 🙂

          But really magazines are the best=they offer an escape even for a brief moments into the lives of our fave fashion trend makers, and to me, that’s pretty awesome!

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