Believe, Dream BIG, Love Yourself!

image: heartshaped lolipop / kmhcandy

Hello my loyal blog readers!  How are you my darlings? I hope you’re having a fantastic week…are you all ready for the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend (US readers), and my loves in London, I miss you all!

Ok, so as you may have noticed (gosh, I hope you noticed), I have not posted in a week. And if you’ve been reading you know why. I have been working on merging my mommy blog and my fashion / lifestyle blog into one main blog site. And today, I am happy to present to you the launch of my new blog,, whoo hoo! I am extremely excited to have one blog that I can interact with all of you on. Trust me, managing multiple blogs, an online column and being a full time working mommy is not easy, so it had to be done. Don’t worry, all of your favorite posts and comments have been exported into

So why Believe Dream Love?

Coming up with a name for the new blog was not easy. I tried to come up with something that was personal and memorable that ultimately reflected my personal interests. It turns out I was over-thinking the name. One day, I thought what if I were to give my daughter one very important piece of advice and motto to live by, what would I tell her? Then it clicked, I’d want her to Believe in herself, Dream BIG, and Love herself for who she is; hence ‘Believe Dream Love‘.

The one comment that did not make it over to this blog is my recent blog nomination from the fabulous Fashion and Style Guru blog, They have nominated yours truly for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I was (and still am) humbled to receive the award nomination and I’m so completely grateful to be recognized. I thank all of you who read and follow my blog posts for making this possible. I hope I will continue to live up to your expectations. I will be posting my official acceptance post for the nomination. Thank you, Fashion and Style Guru blog! Xo

Please bookmark the new blog site so you can continue to visit regularly. I would love for you to please FOLLOW the blog, just click on the FOLLOW button on the left or right sidebars, you can even follow via email! (WordPress does not allow import of followers so you have to follow again).

Please let me know what you think about the new blog, share your comments below!




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