Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow, it’s my first official Mother’s Day! I’m sooooooooooooooooooo happy as a mom, I feel complete; my daughter’s smile melts my heart, and I feel so lucky to have this wonderful little girl in my life.

My mom sent me a text message wishing me a happy mother’s day saying,…

“Happy mother’s day, baby. Now you can see the joy and full womanhood in life I told you about…. I love you.”

My day started w/90 minutes of Bikram; first time in a year and a half! I am SO out of shape, but it was absolutely exhilarating!

When I got home, Daddy+Arianna had two vases of flowers, cards and a cocktail ring gift waiting for me.

We went to Chima for Mother’s Day lunch where we enjoyed decadent selections of roast beef sirloins, boneless chicken wrapped in bacon, skirt steak wrapped in bacon, salmon with an assortment of salad from the salad bar.

I had some icebergs+plum fresh tomatoes+soybeans+portabella mushroom+baby spinach

Decadent bread+crab balls for appetizer, they’re delish!

I enjoyed a glass of Mimosa… ok, I enjoyed two…

Happy tummy, waiting for dessert…

I’m not a big dessert fan so I always settle for ice cream (Neapolitan)…

Daddy had creme brulee

What a perfect first Mother’s Day! Baby Arianna slept through lunch in mommy’s hands.

…You were right mom, being a mom is the best!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!



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