Happy six months birthday, Arianna!

See BANNER for Arianna’s pictures on her birthday and just a few days after. Scroll down to See Aria grow…

Arianna, 2 months old

Beautiful Arianna at 2 months old!

Arianna, 3 months old

Arianna, 3 months old, Valentine’s Day 2012

Arianna, 4 months old

Arianna 4 months old

Arianna, 5 months old



Baby Arianna is six months old today. She now weighs in at 17 lbs 13oz | 29 inches long. She can now rollover and sit with support. She babbles nonstop and her hand coordination is definitely, well, more coordinated! We’re enjoying our amazing little girl more and more every day. Our lives has definitely been much, MUCH happier since we welcomed her six months ago!

Mommy and Daddy love you, Arianna! | Here’s to you having CAKE in six months!

–mama + dada

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