Untitled + Giveaway

Hello, iamglor.com readers!

Happy Friday!

So I’ve been contemplating about merging my blogs, iamglor.com with my mommy blog, vargasbaby.com. For a number of reasons, the most important being that I’ll only have to update ONE blog not two!

The backstory–
iamglor.com: I started a few years ago to document and keep track of what I did at work, sorta like a portfolio. Then I decided that I wanted to separate my professional postings from personal. That’s how thesocialplugin.com came to be. iamglor.com (iaG) is all about my interest, personal style, celeb style, health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Last year when I found out I was expecting, I started a pregnancy blog, vargasbaby.com, which has since evolved into a mommy blog.

My goal is…
merge iamglor.com + vargasbaby.com = untitled.

My dilemma: I don’t know what to call it. And that’s where I NEED YOU!

Please help me suggest a name for what the new blog should be called. I’ll think about a great GIVEAWAY item for the person who comes up with the chosen name.

Thank you!!


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