Working mom: tips for balancing motherhood and career

working mom

I wear dresses and structured cardigans to work, it’s easy, feminine and extremely forgiving to my post-baby body. I leave a couple of heels at work and wear flats on the metro for comfort. I love huge handbags that fit my iPad 2, fruits + snacks (almonds are my favorite). And every now and then you’ll find a toy or two in my bag. It puts a smile on my face when I reach in to grab my phone and accidentally pull out a toy. ❤

H M pleated dress,; Nine West leather shoes,; Mulberry shoulder handbag,; D&G Junior Dress with Coulotte (Infant),; Mulberry Adjustable iPad 2 Sleeve Oak Natural Leather,

Being a mom has been great and I have enjoyed every moment of the experience. What’s not so fun is striking a balance between work and family life, as I’ve mentioned on previous posts. It’s nearly six months since baby arrived and I’ve only been back in the office full time for month. One of my biggest challenges is balancing motherhood and career. I have, however, identified five things that has helped me manage both in a way that fits into my lifestyle.

My five tips for balancing motherhood + career

  1. Planning –creating and maintaining a plan and schedule for the entire family to follow is huge. It outlining a routine allows everyone to get use to daily life and most importantly, what to expect. When expectations are met, everyone is happy because no one gets disappointed when something changes. Planning is key to getting things done; I often make a list of things that need to get done by prioritizing them, which then allows me to check them off as complete.
  2. Staying organized—staying organized is closely related to planning in the sense that it will I like to make sure that whatever we need for the next day
  3. Working together—working with your significant other is hugely important in ensuring that things get done. It was rough at first but now that we’ve kind of settle into a routine—I drop off the baby at day in the morning, he picks her up; taking turns staying home when baby is sick, etc.—all ensure that we are there to meet her needs.
  4. Carving out time for myself—this is by far the most important tip in my opinion because in order to be there—physically + mentally—for my baby and boyfriend I have to set aside time for myself to do something for me. Carving out pockets of time to do “mommy stuff” like, get a manicure, visit my hairdresser for some much-needed relaxer, write this post, finish some minor nursery decorations, etc.
  5. Working out—exercise release good chemicals into your brain—you may have heard of this wonderful natural drug, endorphins. Endorphins are feel good chemicals that released into the brain after a rigorous workout that helps you feel good inside out. I was an avid jogger pre-pregnancy, and I’m trying to get back that headspace but working out regularly is one routine I can’t seem to pin down. Every little bit helps so as much as I can…when I have time…I hit the pavement hard.

Look finding a balance as mom and employee is not easy but it can be with simple planning and organization, working with and communicating with your significant other, and finding time to do the things you want to do for you, including working out make life as a working mom much (much) easy to manage. Most often than not, I feel as though I have it…so yes, Carrie Bradshaw, we can have it all!

Mamas, how are you managing being a mom and working outside the home, or even working in the home? Please share your comments below—I’m always looking to learn how other moms are doing it all—thanks!



4 thoughts on “Working mom: tips for balancing motherhood and career

  1. averagechildhood

    I feel hugely disorganized – I never was very good at that, and now it seems worse :< I also think it's genetic – my (working) mom was the same. I survived, so probably it's not so bad?

    1. Glor

      thanks, averagechildhood! getting and staying organized is not easy, but it’s completely doable you just have to work harder than most if you believe it’s inherently genetic. I say start small (say organizing receipts or magazines + books on coffee table) and be consistent (every time you read a mag, put it right back where you got it from). For e.g., I always (always) put things back in its place after using it, it not only make things easier to find, but it helps build a habit of staying organized. Just break it down into little pieces and tackle one thing at time. Let me know how it goes, good luck!

    1. Glor

      hello dirtyrottenparenting, some say having it all is a state of mind. I think it’s also subjective because we’re all so different and so are the things we want. I do see your point of view when you say we have a lot of it, certainly an interesting perspective and one that I haven’t considered until now. Thanks for sharing!!


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