I Love Lists!

I made a list of all the errands I have to take care of  tomorrow as I rode on the metro to work this morning. Because I’m a very (very) busy working mom with lots to do, I find that making a list gives me so much comfort + control. I need my list so I can remember all the very important things I need to do for baby and me, especially for days like tomorrow when I have lots to do. Just how deep is my obsession with list? {scroll down}

Paris Notebook, barnesandnoble.com

  1. First, I love lists.
  2. I love notebooks, you know, cute handmade journals + leather notebooks.
  3. I make a list for everything from…
    • shopping
    • groceries
    • reminders for…
      • upcoming meetings, events, etc.
      • calls –call my friends, return calls, and/or conference calls
      • pick up the dry cleaning
      • go to the bank
      • pick up stamps
      • add blog post on iamglor.com and vargasbaby.com <<that’s my mommy blog, you should add to your list of blogs to check out)
    • birthdays
      • send cards
  4. to blog topics (I had this blog topic on my list of to-do)…
  5. to to-do list for
  6. to list for different craft project that I love, like,
    • handmade pompoms for baby’s nursery
    • hand-painted canvas art for baby’s nursery
  7. My list can go on for pages…
  8. (notice how this post is a list?)
  9. While writing this post on my Samsung Galaxy S II, I realized I am nearly out of notebooks to satisfy my lists-making addiction…(because you can never have enough notebooks) …
  10. Speaking of list, I need to add “buy new notebooks” to my running list of errands for tomorrow

Bluebird Notebook, barnesandnoble.com

Candy Bar notebook, barnesandnoble.com

Red leather notebook, barnesandnoble.com

Do you make lists too? I need to know I’m not alone on this, please share in the comments–thanks!

Xo, Glor


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