Daycare Week 1

Our first full week at daycare was not bad at all—Arianna did not eat very well the first couple of days. But by the end of the week, she was much better with eating. My first full week back at the office was as busy as I had expected. What I was not expecting, though, was to end the week on a sick note. I was definitely not happy to be back on the metro. I got sick from all the germs and being around others. {boohoo}

Getting ready for work in the morning with a baby is no joke. I can’t just pick up my keys, sunglasses and purse and dash out. Oh, no! My day starts with a 5:30 wake up call, prepare bottles and tag them with her name and a red band that indicates its content, pack my lunch/snacks, diaper bags, wake baby up, change diaper, feed her, etc… A year ago if you told me how my life would change I would laugh in your face. I wouldn’t trade these moments  for anything, I love, love being a mom!

First day~


White hand-knitted sweater/jacket w/hoodie

I can't tell if she likes the chair or not, I think she does

Here’s to hoping week 2 and subsequent weeks go well w/o a hitch.



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