Baby’s First Easter [Updated]

Baby Arianna’s first Easter started w/Mommy and Daddy making Easter basket. In each basket, we had Easter eggs w/candy, stuffed animals, rattles, and books.  Candy was mostly for us, 🙂

Then we went to church where she actually enjoyed herself (minus 10 minutes of fussing). The choir was a big hit for her, she loved the music + sounds from the instruments—piano, trumpets, and drums especially. She even took a nap in Daddy’s arms.

Arianna’s Easter dress

After church, we went to the Botanical Garden. Dyanne and Steven told us about this hidden gem so we definitely wanted to check it out. Yesterday was the perfect day in terms of weather and occasion to do so; it was amazing. We did a mini photo shoot with Arianna and open our Easter baskets. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep before we left the garden.

Arianna with her Easter Bunny, Bunny!

Arianna w/Mommy

my family, Arianna w/Daddy. This IS what life’s all about!

What a happy little girl!

It was a fun-packed Easter holiday for us. We can’t wait to do this again next year when she can actually run around the house looking for Easter eggs.



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