The Smiths meet Baby Arianna

One of the joys of having a baby is being able to share the joy and excitement of a new baby with friends and family.

This past weekend, our happily engaged couple friends, Dyanne (Gold Rushed) and Steven (@gotoprguy) came to meet +  greet our lil princess. They brought the cutest gifts ever — 6 pairs of Juicy Couture baby socks in different colors and this very cute sandals with pink+yellow bows.


SUPER cute and they fit!


Lady Dy + Princess Arianna, they’re both Scorpios!

Aw, of the two them, too cute!

Dyanne is all smiles but all Arianna wants to do is nibble on her. LOL ❤

More fun with Auntie Dyanne

Arianna’s gifts (thanks, Auntie Dyanne and Uncle Steven)

Fun, bow sandals + box of Juicy Couture baby socks

How cute are these lil’ sandals?! ❤

Arianna’s new sandals, thanks again Lady Dy!

❤ ❤

Thanks again for the cute stuff and for coming over. Always a pleasure getting together with you both!



4 thoughts on “The Smiths meet Baby Arianna

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  2. StevenWalterSmith

    Hi Glor,

    It was nice catching up with both of you. I’m glad we finally got a chance to meet Arianna! She is beautiful and so smart! We are glad that you all liked the gifts. Looking forward to hanging out sometime soon. Give Arianna a big hug from us.



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