Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

This weekend was absolutely fantastic! Friday evening we went to explore the Cherry Blossom downtown; the bloom was AH-maZing and the weather was a gorgeous 80 degrees! It was a pretty gloomy day on Saturday so we spent most of the morning in bed frolicking with Arianna– singing, reading stories and playing with her favorite toy, Emily. When I could finally peel myself away from her, I spent the afternoon spring-cleaning my closet. It was an unusually warm weather and I didn’t get to wear most of my winter gear. Oh well, I will try again next winter, lol!

We did some shopping for toys and baby on Sunday. We purchased a much needed high chair for Aria. After looking at the different options in the market, we settled for the Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair – Luv U Zoo. This was by far one of my favorite weekends this month.


Arianna lounging on her boppy watching Mommy do some Spring-cleaning of her closet. I love the look on her face!


This is Emily, Arianna’s favorite doll; she’s obsessed with this doll and plays with her everyday!


After  cleaning out my closet I changed the shower curtain in my bathroom to something more colorful than the brown fabric I had up for the winter. I always feel the need to change it out at the end of each season. Picture of Marilyn Monroe is hanging in my bathroom. I love her, period.


I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

xo, Glor

P.S. Cherry Blossoms pics coming soon!


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