Baby Gear: Fisher-Price Easy Clean High Chair

Buying baby gear in our house goes like this: I tell Edward we need xyz, he researches all the pros and cons, bells and whistles online, sends me links to several options from which I choose which product I’d like for Arianna. I really like our system, it works for us.

Now that Arianna is 4.5 months old, I have noticed that her upper body / neck has strength has increased dramatically, which makes feeding her solids somewhat of a challenge with a high chair. So it was about time we got her a high chair. The added-bonus for her would be that she gets to sit at the adult table with us!  After reviewing a couple of products on, we settled on the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair.

What I love about this chair:

  1. it makes feeding Arianna a snap, literally. I can snap on/off the feeding tray with one hand and baby in the other,
  2. it is easy to clean, the feeding tray pops into the dishwasher–that’s one less dish for mommy to wash,
  3. i love the bright, colorful zoo animals design (I’m kind of obsessed with the jungle/monkey theme),
  4. the pad is completely washable, and
  5. it has four different height adjustments and reclines backwards for easy, comfortable sitting for baby

He spent all of maybe 20 minutes to put it together. Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 star.

Let’s see what Arianna thinks…


Hi Mommy!

Look at my baby having fun with her piano!

I love her intense look

Obviously, Arianna approves!  I can watch her sleep for hours, she’s so precious!

When did your LO start using a high chair? 



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