Gorgeous Spring Bloomers

Trees, tulips and even the Cherry Blossom are all in full bloom way ahead of schedule this year due to the weather being so gorgeous in these parts. The most exciting bloom though are the Cherry Blossom, of course! It is what everyone talks about during this time of year. I have not been to see the Blossom in the past, not in full bloom anyway, but I have been around the Tidal Basin to explore all the gorgeous monuments. Cherry Blossom is one of the most glorious sights in our nation’s capital. We couldn’t wait to take our little girl to see it. (Pictures to come).

And speaking of blossoms, last week, I took some beautiful cell phone pictures of blooming trees in my neighborhood during my walk with Arianna. It’s so gorgeous around here in the Spring. The trees definitely inspired our Cherry Blossom jaunt into the city.







The trees around here are so gorgeous to look at around this time of year. My cell phone pics does not even begin the capture just how beautiful these trees are, I love nature!


I hope you’re enjoying what’s left of the weekend!

xo, Glor


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