Happy 4 months birthday, Arianna!

I have been so busy with work and baby that I did not get a chance to post this last week. Can you believe it’s been four whole months since the most wonderful girl came into our lives? Wow, time flies when you’re having fun that’s for sure! Arianna turned 4 months old last week and I think it’s more than a milestone. Here’s why:

  • she’s smiling, giggling, laughing and cooing
  • she recognizes her name and turns around when she hears her it (SO cute!)
  • she can grab her toys and bring them to her mouth
  • she now eats rice cereal and other 1st baby food like a baby pro (her fav: avocado and sweet potatoes)
  • she can reach out and touch mommy’s face / hair
  • she is learning to roll over on her stomach
  • she is “talking” in her own little way, oh, and she does a cute sing-along-with-mommy that just melts my heart…. when I sing to her, she hums along while looking me right in the eye. At the end of the song, she giggles and lets out a laugh then begins singing again
  • and, at her 4 month well baby check up on 3/9/12, she weighed in at 16.9lbs and 27 inches tall!

Arianna also started daycare this month. It wasn’t has hard as I thought it would be. I dropped her off and she was so busy looking around her classroom and meeting new friends that she did not even realized I had left. Surprisingly, I was not distraught and crying for hours like I did when Edward and I first talked about daycare when I was about seven months pregnant. It was a much needed relief actually because I’d been working from home and taking care of her at the same time–that’s TWO full time jobs both happening at the SAME time. Now, I’ll admit, it was hair-pulling at times, but when I looked into her beautiful eyes it reminded of what was important=my.little.family.that’s.full.of.love.and.laughter!

So here’s to wishing you a happy 4 months birthday, my Arianna! I am looking forward to all the exciting new milestones to come!





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