introducing rice cereal to baby arianna

For the past 3.5 months, Arianna’s main source of food has been breast milk. I have exclusively breast-fed her since day one. At 2-months-old, I tried introducing her to bottle-feeding; emphasis on tried, but did not have very much success. Because of the challenges I faced with her not taking a bottle, I decided I would start her on solids early. At our 2-months well baby checkup back in January, her doctor recommended she start solids at 4 months old (3/7). But, since she starts daycare on March 1, I decided to start solids now. I really should have started last week, but hey, better late than never, right?

Starting the feeding at a time when she is alert and less fussy was my goal. I picked Sunday morning for the reasons I just mentioned. I opted for the Gerber 1st rice cereal mixed with breast milk for breakfast. She ate a good amount of it. She did not like trying it at first, so I would take breaks in between to comfort her by talking to her before continuing. I also gave her water during the feeding, not too much, but about 6-8 teaspoons. I did this because she had never had solids and most importantly, to avoid constipation and/or gas. You can mix rice cereal with breast milk or formula. I had about 5 oz. of expressed breast milk, so I used that. It has been a couple of days and she is taking to cereal like a champ! She now eats for about 10 minutes without fussing. This is huge success for mommy and baby!

Aria eating her breakfast cereal

Finger-licking good!




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