Baby Arianna Is 3 Months Old

Arianna has reached another exciting milestone –she is 3-months-old, and I am so excited! I cannot believe how fast the last few weeks have gone by. Every day she is progressively showing above average signs of developmental milestones like emotion and social—smiling back at you or just spontaneously while she plays, she is reaching for her favorite toys and sometimes able to hold on even for a few seconds; she cries if the toy falls out of her hands. She has also discovered her fingers, which she like to put in her mouth causing her to spit up sometimes (I do not like this because she CRIES hard when it happens). Since she does not have a firm grasp on toys yet, we can only wait…

She is good at hold her head steady without any support at all. If I am in the room and someone else is holding her she will stare at me with such intensity it is cute. She also stares at objects in a room, like when she “saw” Jolie (our mutt) for the first time, she had this look on her face, like, “what is that?”…too cute, lol! She can push on her feet to stand when she is being held. She has really taken to sleeping in her crib (at night time anyway). As soon as I start singing to her, she is out! This is good news for baby and mommy because we can both get some much-needed sleep!

Overall, Arianna is a wonderful little girl who is growing up so fast and definitely letting us know SHE’S THE BOSS! I cannot wait for the next milestone—4 months, and solid food!

I am very excited to see what the next stage will bring with our little princess.



2 thoughts on “Baby Arianna Is 3 Months Old

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