Five Items Every New Mom (and Dad) Need

Jolie is curious about the gym!

My babies!

It’s true what they say, having a baby is the best thing you’ll ever do. Having someone that completely depends on you for everything from food, to shelter, to safety is a huge responsibility, and you can’t help but freak out after bringing baby home about how in the world you’re going to get through the first weeks postpartum. If you’re a new mom you’ll need a lot of patience and support from your partner, and the following items to help you through the first few weeks.

1. The Boppy —the boppy should be on your list of must-haves for you and baby, as you’ll be using quite often for propping baby up for cute photos, tummy time, or use for baby while you change out of yet another nursing bra with spit up on it! It can also be used for feedings, by mommy or daddy, for a comfortable feeding session with your baby, too. Since the boppy is multi-functional, you can even use it when you’re cuddled up in bed with your little one by properly propping her up so she can look at you. The boppy comes in different chic and decorative designs, and if you get to bored with your design, you can even purchase a slipcover! The boppy is available at Target, Babies R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Buy Buy Baby and Destination Maternity. For more information, especially how to properly use one, visit

2. Video Baby Monitor —when baby transfers to crib sleeping, a great video monitor will come in handy to help give you a break from dashing to the baby’s room everything baby cries. You’ll get some peace of mind knowing baby is safe, and the best part, you and baby can get a good night sleep.
I would recommend the Samsung Wireless LCD Monitor, model # SEW-30334WN. For more information on this and other Samsung baby monitors, visit

3. A Swing —investing in a really great swing will save your life. Hear me out. Holding, playing and talking with your little one are all great ways to build a lifetime of connection and bonding with your baby. But trust me there will come a time when nothing, and I mean nothing you do will be able to calm baby down. Not a diaper change, feeding, playing—noting! And that’s when you properly secure your baby into a swing, turn on the music and mobile, and it’s like baby heaven—for baby and you! I highly recommend the My Little Snugabunny Craddle ‘n Swing by Fisher-Price. The blush seat will keep baby warm and comfy while the mobile, sound and mirror will keep baby entertain, maybe even help her fall asleep so you can take that much needed shower, make yourself a sandwich or better yet take a nap! The swing is available at Target and Babies R Us. For more information about the My Little Snugabunny Craddle ‘n Swing, visit

4. Nursing pads —whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you’ll need nursing pads to catch the water works that will be happening from your breasts. It is embarrassing not to mention uncomfortable to walk around with wet spots around your nipples. So grab a box or two and always carry some in your purse or diaper bag. My favorite recommended brand is Lansinoh disposable nursing pads. They are super absorbent, not bulky, and will never leak-through regardless of how engorged your breasts are. A box of 60 pads will run you about $10 at Target. Learn more about the Lansinoh brand by visiting,

5. Play Gym — entertaining a newborn is a tough task, but with the right toys you can totally make it fun for you and baby. Depending on what age your child is, it is important to have age appropriate toys to avoid injuries and promote the best stimuli for baby. For newborn, toys with a lot of texture is important for their developing brains and growing curiosity. I have found toys with combined textures–soft, hard and crinkly noises is appealing to my 11-weeks-old. It’s soft enough for her to put in her mouth. Try and mix things up a little. You probably have a routine of sleep, play, eat, nap, eat, play, etc. So mix up play time by maybe reading together combined with learning about colors or different items around the house during one play time and then maybe allowing baby to use a floor gym by herself at another time. It’s important that they spend time exploring the world around them alone. For alone play time, my LO loves Fisher-Price’s Under The Sea Gym.

What must-have item(s) will you add to the list?



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