Hush, Little Baby Don’t You Cry

I’ll be honest being a new mom is fun and exciting, but comes with a lot of challenges that perhaps I hadn’t thought or read about during my pregnancy. I read about a lot of information and talked to other moms who had useful pieces of advice to share. However, what I didn’t know was just how difficult it would be to transition baby into different phases of milestones and new changes as they grow. Like transitioning from breast feeding to bottle and supplementing formula. This is currently my #1 challenge–getting her to take a bottle even with breast milk. But I am not going to give up. I try to give her a bottle every day so she can get use to the texture, and hope eventually eating out of a bottle will be fun for both mommy and baby!

During the pregnancy, all we heard from folks was “it’s going to change your life”. Yea, of course, our lives are going to change, but why, WHY didn’t anyone tell us just how much sleep we’ll be deprived off, or that we had to introduce bottle feeding (with formula or breast milk) at say… oh, I don’t know around 3 weeks? So here we are today at 9 weeks and trying to introduce bottle feeding and crib sleeping.

Last night I attempted to put our daughter to sleep in her crib because she’s out grown her bassinet.  She could still sleep in it for another couple of weeks but safety is more of a concern at this point because she’s literally so close to the sides which are made of fabric.  So I thought I’d introduce her to crib sleeping at two months.

First night in crib

She looks so peaceful!

Daddy's Love Bug

Getting her to fall asleep in the crib was not easy. She cried for about 10 minutes. I went in a couple of times to whisper sweet talk in her ears, I even placed a piece of my clothing in the crib with her. I took her out then rocked her to sleep before placing her back in the crib. She went in at around 9:40, she slept in it until she woke up at 3:30am to feed. I’m hoping it’s all a matter of time before she can fall asleep in the crib on her own without any fussing.

Any ideas for transitioning from bassinet to crib, or bottle feeding? Please share in the comment below. In the meantime, I’m going to do more research on bottle feeding. Stay tuned…




2 thoughts on “Hush, Little Baby Don’t You Cry

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